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Abnormally High EBV levels

Two weeks ago I was tested for several things due to the following symptoms: fatigue and generalized lymphadenopathy that is painful and lasting for 7 weeks (at this point). The only thing I tested positive for was EBV. However, my levels were extremely high.
EBV early antigen IGG: 124 (positive is greater than 10.9)
EBV AB VCA IGG: >600 (pos is greater than 21.9)
EBV Nuclear antigen AB IGG: >600 (pos is greater than 21.9)

Basically, I have had a reactivation of this virus.
I am extremely scared and concerned because I've read that a compromised immune system causes a reactivation of EBV. In late April, I had an oral sexual encounter with a male of unknown status and I have been very anxious about HIV due to these persistent symptoms. It has been 20.5 weeks since the exposure and I have tested up to 18 weeks with 3rd generation antibody test which was negative and an oral swab Oraquick test yesterday which was negative, too. My question is what else can cause such high levels of reactivation and have any of you had EBV and had lymph nodes swell all over and be tender for so long? Any help would be appreciated.
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Your results show that you have past infection not active. Just because your antibody level is high just means you have a good immunity to it. It doesn't mean you have reactivation. Did you have a IgM result too for the EA? or VCA? You have been negative with the HIV tests for over 4 months now. So really there is no reason to suspect you have HIV. You can take it at 6 months to finalize that. But if your immune system appears to be working quite well I wouldn't worry. When did you actually get mono for the first time? The lymph nodes take 4 months or so to go down if it was some what recent. But if not it could be due to a variety of things. Any time you have a infection of any kind such as a strep throat, ear infection or a number of other things your lymph nodes can swell. That is their purpose. Try not to worry.
I implore you to try Ozone via IV. This has worked for me.
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How do those results show past infection not active, I don't understand.
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This is what I was given as a rule of thumb
Test results most likely indicate the following:
VCA-IgM VCA-IgG EA-D, IgG EBNA, IgG Possible Interpretation
Negative Negative Negative Negative No infection, symptoms due to another cause, susceptible to EBV infection
Positive Positive Negative Negative Early, primary infection
Negative or positive Positive Positive Negative Active infection, though EA-D IgG may persist for life in about 20% of people
Negative Positive Negative Positive Past infection
Negative Positive Positive Positive May indicate reactivation of virus
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Let me know if you are familiar with this virus, I am trying to learn because I was told I have Chronic Active EBV which I now understand is very rare and I am not sure if the results are right. I am going to see a doctor next week and I would appreciate any information that would help me understand the lab results.
It is not rare. I wish they would stop telling patients that and start finding a cure! EBV is a terrible virus that causes cancers, MS, MM, and destroys people and their ability to work and function normally in society.
I recently came across some information that is helping me and my family tremendously. You can search for Anthony William, medical medium online and start to heal.
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Yes that is correct except the EA can be Positive in case #4 and doesn't have to be reactivation. What is EA-D? I haven't seen the D?  is D for Delayed or something? I understand serology and am familiar with the virus. I don't see how you know if you have chronic active EBV. Actually new data suggests that people with Chronic fatigue syndrome may actually have human herpes type 6. Human herpes virus type 6 causes a lot of things so don't worry about that.  EBV is actually in the Herpes family as is CMV and Herpes simplex. But people seem to be more comfortable calling their syndrome chronic EBV  or Chronic fatigue syndrome.  

So how do your results show past infection. IgM is the first antibody produced in infection then it goes down and IgG is produced and remains for life. You can be re-exposed to EBV and your antibody titer may rise (igG not igM) as it is protective. Your high values of IgG just mean you have been exposed to it in the past not an acute or current infection since IgM is not present. Also, with EBV testing it goes like this ; viral capsid antigen IgM appears early in infection and disappears after 4-6weeks.  Anti VCA IgG Appears  2-4 weeks after infection and remains for life. Early antigen IgG acute phase is gone in 3-6 months but like you said 20% remain for life Nuclear antigen is not seen in early acute phase at all. It appears at 2-4 months and remains for life. Does this help?
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My other result was negative. I don't have my paperwork in front of me, but I know it was the IGM for either EA or VCA. The chart provided to me on my lab results stated that this indicated a reactivation. However, I never even knew I had mono in the past. I remember having "walking pneumonia" about two years ago that had me down for several weeks.
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