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Adult with reactivated mono help

I was dx with reactivated mono 4/28/17 by my hematologist (who is also an oncologist). They did a full CT and didn't know any lymph nodes large, just a slightly enlarged liver.   I have had the normal symptoms of being tired, not hungry, swollen lymph nodes, body aches, etc.  I was feeling better after a month then memorial day weekend I feel like I took a ton of steps back.   This week I have started having groin pain (like in the crease of the groin) and hip/back/leg pain.  It's been horrible the past 3 days to where I can sleep.  Would you think this is just EBV related or something else?  I know you can't dx over the computer but just looking for adivce as I feel like all I do is live at the Dr. and constantly worried it's something worse like Lymphoma (even thought I have seen a oncologist and he said it's EBV).
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hip/back/leg pain are quite common in EBV
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