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Are My symptoms indicative of EBV?

In January 2018 I started having flu-like symptoms.  Flu test was negative so they sent me home and said it would pass.  Well it didn't.  In fact it kept on, along with other symptoms like swollen lymph nodes, night sweats, etc.  CBC tests were normal at this point.  Doc was puzzled and made the bad choice of slapping me on an antibiotic.  I ran a fever for 6 weeks and lost 30 lbs in 3 months.  By this point my WBC was below normal and platelets were below normal.  I then started having a pain in my left side.  I was incorrectly diagnosed with diverticulitis.  After harassing the Dr she finally sent me for a CT scan.  The CT revealed my swollen spleen, with lesions in it.  By this time I had been to 6 different doctors and was seeing my 7th, an internal medicine Dr.  He seemed to think I was improving.  My fever  was gone, no more night sweats, etc.  But he wanted me to see a Hematologist because of my CBC numbers being low.  Hematologist was Dr #8.  My blood work continued to rebound into the normal range (all except my platelet count was slightly low).  I had about 30 different blood tests.  The only thing that tested positive was EBV, but was now inactive.  Had a follow up CT scan, which showed improvements in the spleen, though still swollen.  Also had a lesion in liver and kidneys.  The only symptom I still have is I have pains in my body and they move around every day.  One day it'll be my legs, then the next day my arms, then my sides or back.  It varies from sharp pain to a dull ache.  I am a little more fatigued than normal.  I gained about 10 of the lbs back and my weight is steady.  Everything else seems normal now, except the pain.  Has anyone else experienced this with EBV?  
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Hello! Your story/symptoms are extremely close to mine. I had mono back in Jan’18 and relapsed in May. I have yet to get better. My WBC and platelet levels are low. Sent me to a specialist, did more blood work and everything was normal. Now sending me to hematologist. After talking with a family friend, she told me abount the Medical Medium. He has multiple books out that are extremely helpful and don’t make you feel crazy. I suggest looking him up, his name is Anthony William. What he recommends is a lifestyle change depending on your symptoms and people swear by it. I’m currently doing his 28 day cleanse so we’ll see if it helps. Good luck to you and I feel your pain (literally)!
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I’m also in the same boat! EBV is a hideous virus and affects your entire body. My WBC and platelets are low too! I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I lost a hideous amount of weight at the beginning, slowly putting it back on which is strange as I’ve always gained weight quite quickly. How’s things with you both now? Any updates/improvements?
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