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Are my Mono Symptoms Coming or Going?

Hi Everybody!

I was recently diagnosed with mono (33 yo male) and am curious if my symptoms are typical.

1. 3/7 - Started feeling tired and achy
2. 3/8 - Feeling very tired, low energy, sinus issues, and 102 fever
3. 3/9 - Still very tried, low energy, and fever is up and down
4. 3/10 - Same symptoms, but fever broke
5. 3/11 - Felt great as if not even sick
6. 3/12-14 - Right neck/jaw lymph node swells significantly (painful) and have sore throat
7. 3/15 - Felt great - right lymph node is no longer swollen
8. 3/16-now - Lab results back with high mono numbers. Left neck/jaw lymph node swollen very large (painful), sore throat, kinda a very very mild sharp pain in right side of abdomen (hardly noticeable) and fatigue.

I read a lot about fevers for weeks and being very tired to where you cant hardly move. I was only like that the first few days, but it subsided. I only have the sore throat, abdomen pain, and large left side lymph node swelling. Is this the calm before the storm or possibly worse is over? My temp has averaged 98.2 since 3/10.

Thanks in advance!
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Whatever happened with your labyrinthitis?
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