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Can CAEBV go into remission on its own using diet?

I was diagnosed with CAEBV in Feb of this year. My doctor prescribed 2g 2x/day valtrex. When I took it I couldn't move. I went from needing a rest after each activity to taking 30 minutes to figure out to move my body to the bathroom. My doc said I could reduce the dosage so I started taking 1g in the day and 2 at night. I was still very limited but could function for one activity a day and could lay in bed and read books/play games with my kids. After about 5 weeks though I had lost loads of weight and was showing severe malabsorption signs despite everything  I eat being full of nutrients. I had random fevers and severe chills, everything made me feel sick. My doc suggested I take a break from the valtrex for a few days and see how I felt. I felt like a new person who could function again. A week after I stopped I didn't feel as great but still so much better then I was on the meds. Its been a month and I can function mostly like a normal person but I still have ear pain, throat pain, swollen lymph nodes. My doc wants me to keep taking the valtrex. I have been trying to eat foods that don't feed ebv and have cut out dairy, sugar, wheat, and eggs. What I am wondering is, is this enough? I worry that not hitting it hard with valtrex now could make it harder to go into remission in the future. Thoughts?
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From the research I have done, Yes! That is actually the only way to send the virus back into check. Valtrex only works if you are having the first initial infection (mono). For chronic reactivated mono you pretty much just have to get your immune system back to par by eating well, reducing stress, and rest.
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