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Child with High SED, SS-A, IgE and IgA

My seven year old has been having reoccuring fevers of 101-103 every month since October but other than that no symptoms.  She recently had some blood work with the following results; SED rate 40, Sjogren's Anti-SS-A 1368, IgE 923 and IgG 1538.  She has some food/environmental allergies we were not aware of and it is allergy season, could that be enough explaination of the high SED rate or is that really high in a child.  There is no external sign of inflammation and other than when she has the fevers she is healthy and full of energy.  We were referred to an Pediatric RA and she ruled out Lupus right away but from what I have read immunity diseases can have an incubation period of several years before symptoms show up.  Any feelings on what this could be?  I am so worried about my little girl.
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