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Does Epstein-Barr cause Pulsatile Tinnitus

I’ve had ringing in my head (Pulsatile Tinnitus) since Jan 2019. I hv been to ENT’s  have gotten MRI, MRA, ultrasound of carotid arteries. Been to a Pulsatile Tinnitus specialist in NY City and nothing has turned up significant. I do have many Lyme symptoms, and was pretty convinced I hv Lyme even though a urine test showed negative. I have done my research to know that there are many false negatives with Lyme tests. However my son was just diagnosed with Epstein-Barr and in doing a lot of reading on this forum I’m wondering whether I hv EBV and Mayb that is the reason for all my issues I’m dealing with. These are my symptoms since beginning of the year. The worst I’m dealing with now is the ringing in my brain (Pulsatile Tinnitus)
1. ringing in the head (bad) and radiates our to my ears
2. bone cracking in back of neck
3. hands shaking
4. tremors in the face areas
5. neck / shoulder stiffness
6. Stomach issues
7. Dull headaches in front portion
8. tingling sensation in head
9. Ears very sensitive to noise
10. joint stiffness. Leg pain on one side. Then the other side. Or in ankle.
11. brain fog sometimes
12. pain in different parts of body
13. Sore spots on head a diff places
14. issues with blood pressure
15. Repeated waking up during night
16. Light sensitivity
17. Head pressure

I hv been told that Lyme will actually hide behind EBV and you have to get rid of the EBV first or the Lyme test won’t yield good results. Does anyone know if EBV will cause all these symptoms? Am I on the right path? Thank you
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Hi OzoneJunkie,

Did you test yourself for EBV?  I have high EBV levels and have developed tinnitus/acid reflux/light senstivity/head pressure/stiff neck/stomach inflammation/anal fissure.  My WBC levels are also elevated at about 16.  
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