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Does Mono symptoms reoccur while healing?

I got Mono symptoms starting 2/21/2011 initially.5.5- 6 weeks after inital symptoms, I got a very mild tingling sensation in my throat that was almost unoticable, and my doctor siad during my follow up visit the my throat was till red. A few days after I got the same symptoms as intially, which were Sore throat, swollen tonsils with exudate, body aches and throbbing, aching lymphs nodes in neck. This time the symptoms were milder than than the first time, but my nodes started to swell around the chin about a week after my doc told me my throat was red and this time I did not have tonsilitis. then a couple days later I felt more throbbing under my jaw. A day later, throbbing in my neck, then 2 days later I felt a buring sensation down both sides of the back of my neck.The next morning I felt tiny nodes on the back of the right side of my neck, then under my armpits. Beofore when I had mono, I only developed nodes in the neck. Is it normal for mono to reappear after 6 weeks of initial symptoms? What scares me was I had sex 2 weeks before where the condom failed, which puts me at risk for being tested for hiv and that the symptoms of early hiv infection and mon resemble each other. I am trying to figure out if relapse this in mono is normal or do I need to be retested for hiv?
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Chances are this is just a mono/EBV relapse.  My guess is that you probably didn't really allow your body enough time to recover.  The best thing you can do to get over this for good is to really try to take it easy for a couple weeks, even after you're feeling well.  In my case, I started my physical workouts and things like that like a week after I felt I was over the initial mono.  Within a couple days, all the symptoms came back, some even stronger than before.  Unfortunately it took a lot longer to get over the relapse.  So hopefully I'm not scaring you too much, but just wanted to let you know that relapses are at least somewhat common.  However, you might also want to post your questions in the HIV forum (if you haven't already).
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