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EBV Lab report units, What the Heck?

I was tested for EBV, My EBV Ab VCA IgG and my EBV Nuclear Antigen were both flagged HIGH at <8.0 With the (Normal range being 0.0-0.8) I don't know why they don't tell you the actual number, when it gets to 8.0 they just add the greater than sign and that's it. Weird. But that isn't my only question/confusion A Friend of mine had an EBV test done and her doctor told her that the result was HIGH at 4.2, both of our test's said the Units were in "AI", but when I searched around there were people with results in the 1,000's, so what Units were their tests in? One person said his results were HIGH at 4.1 (AI I guess), and his doctor told him that it was equivalent to 4,000 (but what units I have no clue) It is driving me Nuts, what other units are they using? And does that mean Mine would be 8,000 of those other units? Mostly I am just Very Curious, and I am wondering why my Results seem to be so High compared to my friends and other people. I have had HORRIBLE symptoms for years now and I just now had this test. My Doctor said my results are VERY HIGH, and that I have Chronic/Reactivated Epstein-Barr, which would explain a lot of my symptoms.  So I would REALLY like it if someone could tell me what the heck their test result units were if they read in the 100's or 1,000's. Please, and maybe Thank You.
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Hi, I know I'm a 4 years late with this post, but I am experiencing almost the exact same thing and had similar results. Are you better now, what did it turn out to be? Any information would be very helpful as I am trying to be proactive and get some answers! Thank you!!
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Yeah, hopefully the endocrinologist will be able to clear things up a little more for you.  I didn't see one of those, so I don't know much about them, but I did go to an infectious diseases specialist.  Anyway, I think what your doctor told you about re-activation does make sense.  Anytime a re-activation occurs, the antibody levels will rise, as you said.  And unfortunately, I haven't heard of anything else that can be done besides rest either.  When I had a re-activation, it took over a year to get "over" it, and I'll still working on getting back in shape (I'm also 25)!  I've been taking 1-a-Day vitamins and trying to eat healthier, although I don't think those factors were as important as getting LOTS of rest.  Hopefully things will start improving for you soon!
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Thanks for your reply, that makes sense. I've seen people posting that their test result was in the 4,000 range and that their Doctor said that that was really High. Well yes, the top number in the "Normal Range" if in mAI would be 800, 4,000 is 5 times that. But mine was marked as more that 10 times that, It still bugs me that they just put <8.0 AI, is mine 8.1, or 10, or 15, or ...
  At the appointment I had when gave me my test results, he said that those were VERY HIGH results, but said there isn't anything I can do but bed rest. He also said that Chronic/Reactivated EBV can easily last 10 years. But...
    I just had another appointment with him and he said that all my test results proved is that I had caught EBV in the past and there are still antibodies in my system, so he has completely contradicted himself now. He was also very cranky and frankly acting like a jerk, which is unlike him. He said that there isn't anything he can do (I am guessing it's more like nothing he is willing to do) to help me recover faster, or at least feel better. But I know doctors often try antiviral pills for people with high test results for Chronic EBV, and I definitely fall into that category.
   The tests that check for a "Current Infection" of EBV had levels within the normal range. The test that measures the type and level of antibodies showing if you are in the "Convalescent" faze of EBV were in the normal range too. As they should be, the first kind only lasts 2-4 weeks, and the second no more than 6 months. The other tests are for the "Chronic/Reactivated" and "Old Infection" (It was even labeled that way on my Lab Report)  kind and amount of EBV antibodies. I know once you get a virus the antibodies to it stay in your body for life, but in VERY LOW to undetectable levels. So if my EBV hasn't Become Reactivated or Chronic, my levels should be low, but they are not. So I don't know what to do.
   My best hope now is that I insisted on having a consult with an Endocrinologist, and hopefully he will correct my doctor, and have a better idea of what my results mean, and maybe, just maybe someone will actually have an idea of how tired and sore and just plain crappy I feel. (Fingers and Toes crossed, okay the toe thing isn't working, so at least Fingers crossed.
     Let's hope I can resist the urge to yell "I TOLD YOU SO!" in my Doctors face the next time I see him. I could even do a victory dance, but that would hurt too much. I'm to young for this crap. I feel like I am an 80 year old sometimes... I am 25. So how will I feel by the time I am half that old, I don't even want to think about it.
   Hey, I've Even got that whole "Getting too Old to know when people want them to stop talking" thing going on! Sorry this was so long and rambling. I'm just SO frustrated!!!!
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Hello!  My guess would be that when people give their units in the 1000's, it's in mAl (milli-Al).  However, that's just a guess.  IF that were true, then your results would be, as you said, over 8000.  I think the reasoning that they don't show any higher than 8 Al is because they know that anything above that is pretty much guaranteed to be positive.  What's important, though, is that your results are high.  What has your doctor been doing to help you get over/fight this?
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