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I recently experienced relief of CAEBV symptoms after being administered drugs for a cardiac stress test. I was given Lexiscan 0.4 mg and 10.6 mCi of Tc99m Myoview.  I was symptom free for five wonderful days and then symptoms returned.  Anyone else experience this? I have had CAEBV for three years now. TOTALLY FRUSTRATED
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SSRI completed rid me of my symptoms. Something you can try
What does SSRI mean?  What exactly did you take? Any information is appreciated.
SSRI is an anxiety/depression medicine. I took Lexapro 10 mg. What are your symptoms? Mine were pretty much just fatigue and it helps tremendously
Thanks for letting me know. I do take cymbalta and amitriptyline are they SSRI? I suffer with extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, headaches, nerve pain and sleep disturbance.  I have tried many many different things without success. I wonder if the radioactive material given to me for the stress test cured my symptoms?
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