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EBV Reactivation possible?

I recall having EBV many years ago, it knocked me out. I have been healthy since, the only thing that I have noticed was I was always tired, people used to think I was lazy (I put it down to depression).

About 10 months ago I was under extreme stress / anxiety like I've never known. This coincided with just one lymph node swelling behind my ear. A few weeks later I felt weakness in my legs for a few weeks. Mild folliculitis followed (prob not related).

Then not much for a while apart from extremely easy bruising which I though was odd.

Forward to today, I've had random muscle twitches for about four months, anxiety maybe or viral? Quite noticable though. Also a dull intermittent leg ache on one side behind the thigh.

Is EBV a possible cause? I'd like to explore further. I have HSV1 and have considered Candida but feel like I'm getting nowhere.

My main question is can extreme (I mean extreme) stress cause EBV to come out of hiding? Thank in advance for any help

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short answer to your question is yes.  There are plenty of published articles that talks about reactivation of ebv because of stress.  
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When you had ebv years ago how did u deal with it? How long did it last.
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