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EBV with facial weakness

Hi. I have had symptoms from EBV for almost a year now. One of the first symptoms I noticed was a slight droop on both sides of my face. Although mild (my family says it is hardly noticeable), to me it is huge as I can no longer see myself in the mirror every time I go to it. Since no one believed me in the beginning and the diagnosis only came recently, I am worried that because nothing was really done at the beginning that I will be like this forever. Has anyone else experience facial weakness due to EBV and if so, did it eventually clear up?

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Hi, I don't want to say EBV isn't the cause, because it's possible, but I've never heard of it causing facial drooping/muscle weakness.  What other symptoms of EBV have you had?  Have you been tested for it?  Sorry for all the questions, but you sound positive that that's what you have, and I'm just wondering what led you to that conclusion.  Also, have you been dealing with any other physical/health issues that could be connected to this?
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I have been tested for everything under the sun and the only thing that has come up has been a reactivation of EBV. It has been an entire year of testing with only that as the result. I have also read medical journals that say it occurs in 4-6% of people with active EBV. Just hoping to find others with the same thing.
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Re-activation does happen (happened to me, in fact, so we're in the same boat there).  But like I said, I've never heard of the facial muscle issues... not to say it's impossible that EBV is causing that, but I still would tend to think it's something else (although I unfortunately can't say what).
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