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Feeling not well since 2009

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Feeling not well since 2009
I have done sex with sex worker in march 2009. It was protected Intercourse and deep kissing. After 21 days, i felt extreme tiredness with penis fungal infection,fever, blurred vision, confusion,  back pain, neck pain, sore throat and many more. I felt normal after 3 months. I have ordered hiv, vdrl, hapatitis B(HbsAg), Hapatitis C, Herpes test. Only HSV 1 IGG came back positive.I had genital warts in 2013. Which are fine after nitrogen burn.

From year 2009 after that incident, I am not feeling well, I feel extreme tiredness, Sore Throat, sometime pain in
urine, Sometime chill in hot whether,headache, Specially fungal infection on penis which is Since 1 year- not able to get rid of it after taking medicine, i never had any herpes outbreak in last 8 years. i am feeling pain in 2 lymph node in neck since 1 year. I have wasted huge money in medication but not relief in symptoms. Although I am in  severe anxiety since 6 years and taking medicine. Yesterday I have done a CMV Igm and Igg test. CMV Igm came back negative but CMV igg came back positive. Now I am afraid that from where I have got all these virus.

I have never done sex with other outsider lady expect my wife and this lady in 2009. My wife is very loyal to me.
I have a daughter 11 years and a son of 3 years.

I am fed up with my symptoms and planning to suicide. every doctor say hsv is nothing, CMV is nothing.

My questions are -

1. How dangerous are HSV 1 and CMV virus.
2. Can they(both virus) reduce life span of a person  
3.Can I be perfectly fine after taking any medicine?
4. I got genital wart in 2013. Will it mean that I have HPV
5.How  I can live a normal life
6. Can a person die from HSV 1 and CMV?
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Try valtrex.
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