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Feels like I'm going to die

Been so sick for ten months now. Previously healthy 39 year old female. Got run down and then got a very bad bout of bronchitis had cortisone and two sets of antibiotics. Bam this caused the ebv to reactivate. Huge fatigue, muscle aches, insomnia, massive headaches, red eyes, muscle twitches, brain fog, lower grade temperature, swollen glands, fluey feeling. That was the beginning. My igm to ebv was positive. That was ten months ago. Been running around to Drs having bloods the taken, having drips etc. my bloods are fine but igm for ebv is going between positive and equivocal, although the viral load is undetectable. Now ten months later, some hearing loss, lack of balance, dizziness, ringing in my ears, weakness, brain fog, sleep issues, fatigue, digestive issues. The doc an endocrinologist thinks it's Cfs now caused by my immune system being inflamed from the ebv and recommended low dose naltrexone which I haven't yet tried. Life has stopped, obviously can't work. I'm seeing a homeopath who gives me two Vit c drips a week and some herbs for inflammation and sleep. Feels like I'm dying. Don't know what to do next, if this is still active ebv or Cfs now and so hard because they say there is no cure and Cfs is a long term illness. I don't want to think where I'd be if not for my husband
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