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HIV or EBV please help!

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has had a similar experience as I with symptoms which resemble HIV, yet have tested repeatedly negative beyond the window period. Below are the symptoms I have experienced in the last 3 months, some of which still persist. Doctors have found ‘nothing physically wrong’ with me and attribute most of my ailments to anxiety and depression. Whilst I accept that the constant worry throughout this entire ordeal has affected my mental health, there is no doubt in my mind that I have suffered from a nasty viral infection following a brief unprotected sexual encounter.

Symptoms include:
- muscle and joint pain
- headaches
- sore throat
- generalised pain in lymph nodes throughout body but no swelling
- oral thrush
- vaginal thrush
- constipation
- itchy pimple like rash on neck, chest and face
- irregular periods (although I do suffer from PCOS but this mystery illness has since exacerbated symptoms)
- pelvic pain (possibly linked to above) tested negative for all STIs
- tingling in legs/feet/arms/hands
- nightmare
- night sweats
- dry mouth
- white tongue
- dry skin especially on hands
- sharp stabbing pain in spine
- anxiety/depression
- insomnia
- neurological symptoms (irritability, lacks of precision using hands)

Any comments, thoughts or suggestions are greatly welcomed as I am at my wits end and do not know where to turn. I should add that all tests for HIV are negative including ag/ab duo tests.
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Also my CBC shown low WBC (4.9), particularly lymphocytes (2.7) and low vitamin D. I also feel constantly lethargic and tired. I am scheduled to see an ID specialist at the end of the January.
How did you get a referral to an infectious disease doctor? I have had every single symptom you have experienced plus more. I have also had multiple sinus and urinary tract infections.
Hey, I basically begged my doctor to refer me as I believe the illness is what is causing my anxious state. Feel free to direct message me, I would find it really helpful discussing our experiences as I have felt totally alone this entire time.
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hey i am here regarding your other post in HIV community since the thread was closed there.
i am currently goign through the same hellish nightmare you are describing i had a high risk encounter on the 1st of september 2018 2 weeks later i had all your symptoms except for the vaginal yeast since im a a male. the white tongue persists and the fatigue aswell, but the most annoying thing is the itchy rash and the vertigo, i had 2 tests done both at 30 days and 47 days both 4th generation, i have come to terms with my negative results. i kee p on telling myself that the symptoms are provoked by stress and anxiety. you've tested negative and outside of the window period which is conclusive you should stop thinking about it and move on, or else this will seriously damage your health. good luck and keep us updated
Hi, sorry to hear tou are also going through a rough time I would not wish this on anyone. It’s really hard to accept results when your body is saying one thing and the tests another. I personally do not believe my symptoms are due to stress or anxiety. I have definitey suffered from a viral illness and find it impossible to let go of HIV. However I’m working on that. Good luck to you also and will most definitely stay in touch
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Yes, actually. It's been over two years now since it started. I'm noticing more posts of this nature and it's very concerning. It's been over a year since you posted, I really hope you see this.
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Is this post still active?  I would like to know how you are doing WorryWell.  I have the same symptoms and intermittent stomach ache.  I also developed acid reflux due to EBV.  My WBC came out elevated after almost a year.  For the first six months, my WBCs were normal.  Are you WBC count still low or normal ?
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