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HPX 2 product?

Hello, recently i went to the breakspear hospital in the uk, they found that my viral load was high..

So they have started me on a product call HPX 2 ,by bio tech  and formulated by jonathan wright m.d..

i have only been on it for 3 weeks so far,no improvements yet,they want me to stay on it for 3 months,problem is it is very expensive and i hope im not wasting my money..

As anyone ever tried this product before?

Info on the product below..


HPX2 (Herbal/Nutritional Immune Stimulant)

HPX-2 is an herbal and nutritional supplement available through Biotech Labs. Jonathan Wright, M.D, formulates it. Its constituents are designed in an appropriate mixture to have specific immune stimulant action and are effective as an anti-viral and anti-infectious agent. The recommended dose of five capsules twice a day (total of 10 capsules daily) supplies:

1. Vitamin C, 2,000 mg.

2. Seleno-L-methionine, 600 mcg

3. L-lysine, 3,000 mg.

4. Lemon bioflavonoids, 400 mg.

5. Olive leaf extract, 200 mg.

6. Rutin, 100 mg.

7. Hesperidin, 100 mg.

8. Quercetin dihydrate, 100 mg.

9. Green tea standardized extract, 100 mg.

10. Lithium aspartate, 15 mg.

The combination has selective utility, as stated, as an anti-infectious and immune- stimulating supplement. Because of the high dose of selenium and low amount of lithium in HPX-2, it is available only through pharmacies and physicians\' offices.

The compounds in this mixture have shown specific efficacy in the treatment of various types of infectious processes. HPX-2 tends to be selectively beneficial especially for viral infections. In general, the supplement could be used at a lower-than-prescribed dose of two to three capsules twice a day, for general viral upper respiratory symptoms, colds, flu, bacterial ear infections, pharyngitis, sore throat, and so forth.

HPX-2 can be very effective when used by those who have the high viral loads that are often demonstrated on various immune panels that might be ordered through our office or in the offices of other physicians who focus on nutritional and holistic therapies. In that sense, the supplement will help the immune system eliminate the viral presence, load, or infection. It will also selectively stimulate the activity of the immune system. Those with infections such as mononucleosis, HHV-6, CMV, and so forth would all be candidates who could expect an excellent clinical response.

It would be appropriate to use HPX-2 in other situations in which enhanced immune system activity would be of benefit. Those working with a cancer diagnosis, HIV, or chronic infections of various sorts would all find benefit from HPX-2.

Vitamin C and selenium are both strong anti-oxidants and strong immune stimulants. Therefore, they have a very significant immune-stimulating effect. In recent clinical studies, high doses of selenium have been shown to decrease the incidence of side effects from chemotherapy, to improve overall immune function and to improve liver detoxification efficiency.

Please do not take the supplement for a longer period than prescribed by your physician, as taking high doses of selenium for extended periods of time can create some toxicity. (However, in clinical studies, doses as high as 4,000 mcg daily for extended periods have shown no toxicity.)

Lysine and lemon bioflavonoids specifically show direct anti-viral activity by inhibiting their replication. Rutin, hesperidin, and quercetin have the same effect.

Standardized green tea extract has been shown to be a very potent immune stimulant in separate studies. The inclusion of olive leaf extract (which is standardized to 10.62% oleuropeins) and lithium aspartate has been shown to have direct anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial activity.

Lithium is an essential nutrient that is present in all of our diets. Most people are familiar with lithium as a lithium carbonate prescription medicine used in high doses to treat manic-depressive illness. The lithium aspartate included in HPX-2 is a very low dose of naturally occurring lithium that is identical to what is consumed in the normal food supply and does not, therefore, cause any side effects

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where can I purchase HPX-2 capsules from in london
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Hi, I can't say I've ever heard of it before, but I'm not a doctor either.  3 weeks may be too short of an amount of time for something to start working, but I wouldn't give it much longer before putting more money into it.  I would recommend talking things over again with your doctor; let him/her know if things aren't improving.  He/She may want to try some other form of treatment.  Good luck!
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Yes, stay on HPX2.  Just takes a while.  It may take 6 months or longer to start seeing a significant difference.  It is a long term solution, not a quick fix.  It doesn't necessary cure you from getting sick, but prevents you from getting sick.  My wife had severe adrenal fatigue, and was getting infections about every 2 months.  Actually she seemed to be sick all the time (e.g. sinse infections, flu, colds, and bacterial infections).  This had been going on for years.  It seems like she was always on antibiotics and other medicines.  The medicines were just a band ad and never fixed the underlining problem.  She saw a natural path, and after a year or so on HPX2, plus many other supplements, she is much better now.  For the last two years, she might of gotten sick 2 or 3 times at most.  Supplements are expensive, but for my wife's health it is worth it.
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It is a real shame how these supplement makers take good ingredients and put them in such low dosages a new born baby wouldn't get a reaction. All the herbs, bioflavs and lysine, lthium are in such low dosages I doubt your body is even absorbing them. Please stop throwing your good money away. This is disgusting these so called doctors taking advantage of desperate people who don't know any better. I know better.
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Yes, unless there is a published double blind placebo controlled study, most likely it is simply just a marketing gimmick
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