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Hair Loss

Hi guys, I have been suffering symptoms of chills, light pain on all lymph nodes, low tolerance to heat and cold. for the past 5 months already.

burning yet chills sensation starts on my feet every morning and scatters in the body through out the day. then after the next day, same thing... over and over...

and just recently, rapid hair fall. 4 times my normal rate...

I'm a guy who had one time protected vaginal sex with a female sex worker. I have tested for HIV antibody in the 4th and 8th weeks and came Negative. my Doctor Suspects EBV but we don't have EBV tests around here.

do you thing my Hair fall is related to EBV? I'm not really depressed until I have this Hair fall lately which causing me concern...
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I think EBV most definitely could be the cause.  I myself have suffered similar symptoms, and I know how confusing and alarming it can be.  The symptom of the lymph nodes definitely fits the main symptom of EBV; unfortunately, a couple of my lymph nodes are somewhat inflammed, but even when I brought to my docs attention, they didn't feel it was alarmingly inflammed, and so, it is what it is.  The stinging sensations in your feet....possibly in your hands, and similar sensations throughout the body are also a factor of EBV.  I think it is a nuerological symptom that is manifesting.  I don't think it is a major concern, and as they say of EBV, almost 90-95% of people get it....so although the symptoms are alarming at times, they are life threatening.  But if I am wrong, and the sensation in you feet and through your body isn't nuerological, it is reported amongst EBV diagnosed people.  
The hair loss can be a sign for EBV too.  I say that because even in myself, I noticed hair loss.  Being in my late twenties, I was still shocked to see myself balding although my parents have a head full of hair.  I went to hair loss treatment specialist and they gave me a prescription to help kill the BHT (or whatever hormone in men which kills hair folicles), and that seems to be putting things back in balance again, although I don't care to take the medicine everyday, because taking meds are not my thing.  But I think EBV does attack and dwell in the body in different ways and so we all must take better care of our bodies and give it the care that it needs.  That care may be seeking medicine for hair lost, taking vitamins B or D because EBV diagnosed people tend to need these vitamins more than most people, whether it is drinking tea for wellness, getting to the gym to maintain muscle and nuerological integrity....the list goes on.
Good luck.
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spelling typo lol-  any nuerological symptoms of EBV are NOT life threatening....which we all know.
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YES! I forgot to mention this bizarre symptom in my post too! I've had baaad hair loss, to the point where my hair is only 1/3 as thick as it used to be. It seems to just come out in clumps & if very scary. My skin also sheds too, like a bad sunburn, it peels off in sheets, but seems worse when I'm having these EBV symptoms. The skin shedding & hair loss often happen together in cycles. It's really worrisome I know. I am glad to have solved this entire mystery just by doing some research into why I got very ill ever year from the flu shot. I had no idea it was triggering active states of EBV! I thought that I was just getting the flu because my immune system was so weak after a systemic medication reaction yrs ago, but it seemed to happen EVERY TIME I got the shot, which is odd, AND it got worse each time! This year and last, I was sick for almost 3 months! NEVER AGAIN! So I began looking into how common it is for people to get the flu from the shot & found that it's not even possible! If someone is getting sick that badly from the flu, it's likely triggering EBV active states. I finally broke the case! And it explained my hair loss, my fatigue that lasted months or more, why I seemed fine at other times, & why taking magnesium, zinc, & Vit B had seemed to really help to keep me from getting sick as much. And it explained the white thick stringy mucus that came out of my throat & nose! The bloody noses, the stomach aches & weight loss & loss of appetite, the weakness, the sleeping for 16+ hrs a day for weeks or months at a time! ALL OF IT! I wish there was more info on this illness & I wish doctors would be able to easier diagnose someone when they complain of getting very sick from the flu shot! That was my tip off. So you'd think if I could find that online, that doctors should know if a patient gets sick more than once from the shot that they need to be doing mono spot & EBV tests. What kind of EBV tests do I need to have my dr do? I already know that often on periodic CBC blood tests my white cells were elevated, prompting my dr to ask if I had an infection... but thinking that meant a cold, I'd say "no not that I know of. But I do feel weak & tired & my hair is falling out & I can't eat & have this white stingy mucus that I thought was just bad allergies" I'd think the dr would've picked up on all of this & figured it out, but I'm finding that a lot of dr's don't know to look for EBV as the culprit.
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Thank you guys for your replies. I feel better.

I do notice Coffee, Beer, sweets, fats will flare up my symptoms.

@stephen_kid: what was the name the Doctor gave you for your hair fall? I want to ask my Doctor about it.
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