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Hands, feet and face.

Hi guys, I have been dealing with an EBV reactivation for nearly two years now with many of the symptoms discussed in this forum me suffering from. A couple of things I am yet to find on here though, are to do with my hands, feet and face. Like many I experienced itching of the palms for quite a while and although that has gone, one thing that hasn't,t is how old both my hands and feet look. It is as if they both have lost a lot of fluid or something and have so became very wrinkled and loose. I am only 29 and this only became noticeable after I realised how quickly my fingertips would wrinkle in the shower, like I was an 80 year old man. Just wanted to know if anyone else has seen this symptom and whether or not thy have seen improvement at all?

The other thing is something I posted about at the height of the illness which is one other thing that is yet to get any better. Many people discuss numbness in the body, which I felt and still feel for sure, especially around the corners of my eyes. This, however, has also come with a slight droop of my face, especially on the left side, something that a couple of medical journals say happens in 4-6% of cases. To me, it almost looks like I have a lazy face on one side, emphasised by what appear to be small triangular dents at the corner of both eyes. Upon research, I have fond this exact occurrence in people who have had botched Botox which has affected/numbed a cranial nerve, but that goes away after the Botox wears off. Although I am mostly positive about it all now, I still can't recognise myself in the mirror most of the time and am constantly reminded of it by the numbness, which can occasionally get me frustrated still. So, I was again wondering if this was something anyone else had experienced and if it has changed at all.

Thanks for reading this far.

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I have a question: does both your hands and feet look skinny? Bones are obviously popping out? 'Cause I deal with the same hands-being-wrinkled issue and I'm only 26.
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Not massively with the bones, but they have definitely lost weight. I feel like all the moisture has gone from my hands, feet and forearms which exposes the veins more as well as the wrinkling and make them look gross. I have also found that these seem to get hot under the skin and easily affected by the sun now as well. It's all pretty odd.
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Are you gradually loosing weight and having a hard time gaining them back? Because most of the symptoms you are experiencing I can relate.
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It was gradual on my hands and feet, yeah, but has been the same for a while now.

Can I ask, did you ever have any facial symptoms?
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