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Help with EBV

I'm finally getting over Reactivated EBV and initially my tests for it were off the charts. The test range was 1.0 to 19 and I was 600. I was trying to get a diagnosis over the past 8 months. My dr was no help and I've quit going to the dr's after they were testing me for Lymphoma and other things because of my swollen lymph nodes. I found a book called "Medical Medium" on Amazon which really helped me to understand which foods are anti-viral and which foods you should stay away from (that feed a virus). It also helps with knowing which anti-virals to take. Extremely helpful book. The other thing I did was order medication called MMS from Australia. I live in the US and the FDA banned it here. I read up on it on the internet. It's very powerful and kills pathogens and viruses. It is famous for killing Malaria. It's not an easy healing journey, and I'm not finished, but I can tell it's working. The thing I haven't gotten rid of is a little head shake that others can't see but is driving me crazy. Hopefully it will finally go as I finish up my MMS treatment in a couple of weeks. Best wishes to you, Karen
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