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I am being treated with Valtrex it's working

Since I last posted soon after, I saw an immunologist and an infectious disease Dr both told me there was no treatment for EBV. I guess I refused to believe that. I then went back to my PCP, and asked her since EBV is the virus that causes herpies, and is an antiviral wouldn't it work to lower the viral load in my body ? I was extremely sick !! She had never tried using Valtrex for EBV before, but I was so ill with no quality of life at that point, she said why not try it, so she started me out on 500mg 3 times per day, I finished that bottle, I did feel a change, nothing huge but enough to know something was different, I was still sick but not as sick, so I asked her if Valtrex could be used everyday in a lower dose as a treatment like ppl take their blood pressure medication ? To keep the viral load in my body down. She said she had never used it for that, or in that manner, but was again willing to try it. I have been on 500mg once a day now for about 3 close to 4 months, and I am so much better than I was it is unreal !!!! I no longer am suffering from that awful feeling of being so sick everyday for 16 months that I really thought I was slowly dying. I've been making progress, getting my strength back, it's taken a while, I'm even back out riding my motorcycle now from time to time, I had lost all hope of ever riding again !! But I am back in the Saddle, not as much as I'd like to be, but getting there. After the sickness and brain fog let up, I started searching and found some information that blew me away, I found it after I'd asked my PCP to try the Valtrex on me, I was excited to find out I was on the right track !! I do not know the website, but go to google search, and type in, long term use of Valtrex in EBV cases, look for a Dr Lerner, Martin Lerner I believe.. Just make sure Lerner is the last name.. And that the subject is EBV and CFS and Valtrex, and read what his study shows. All I know is I am doing so much better !! I would have never thought a few months back that I would ever feel even half way good again, it's just so good to not feel so sick everyday !!! I did find out if your on Valtrex to drink allot of water !! I am going to have my Kidneys and liver function checked every 3 months for now. Valtrex can cause kidney and liver issues, and renal issues, but all medications have a list of side effects, so far I have had no side effects at all, except I feel better, that's a great side effect !!!! Anyway, I didn't want to post this in here until I was on the treatment long enough to be pretty dang sure, nothing else could have turned this around like it has, and then I found the study Dr Lerner did.. So I am hoping with all of my heart !! That this will help all of you suffering from EBV, and that Dr Lerner's information will help you as well.. Please look into it.. I know the Valtrex treatment is working for me and lord knows how horribly sick I was before the Valtrex, I am hearing that allot of Drs are saying no to using it as a treatment, show them Dr Lerner's study.. If they say no, maybe it will make them re-think it all. I know it might not work for everyone, I'm just hoping n praying it will !!!  I just wanted to share this with the group !! And wish you all the luck in the world !! And I hope with all my heart this will help you all, like it has helped me, I'm not 100 percent, I still struggle from time to time, but believe me, I am so far from where I was its just wonderful !!!! Good Luck One and All !!!! With Love and Hope Truly livingdead101 to I'm alive again :) (((((( hugs ))))) to All !!!
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It's good to hear that you're doing well! Please keep us posted with your progress and your battle with this virus. Btw, are you experiencing changes in your body? Like, gaining proper weight etc?
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so happy to hear your doing well!!! please dont stop posting.


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so you started noticing improvement within one month? i have been on it a little over a week and i cant tell much difference yet. i am having a lot of joint pain and menstrual problems. of course i was already having migraines and exhaustion so i can't determine if the valtrex is making that worse or not. please update us on how you are now.
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I had an odd illness with lots of studies and weird symptoms for years, but eventually an otoneurologist thought it might be a chronic herpes infection---I was seeing him for a different issue.

He put me on a short course of high dose Valtrex & prednisone tablets, and within an hour of trying it, I felt far better, my ears and lymph nodes felt clear almost for the first time in forever, and my energy rebounded.  My symptoms recurred without the Valtrex so eventually I went on 500 mg daily for chronic suppression.  That worked pretty well (not perfect but far better than without it).  Valtrex was the first in innumerable interventions (I was at a good academic med center) which actually worked.

From reading around I now think my symptoms may be closer to EPV than HSV1 (original thought), I don't have skin lesions but I do have mono-ish symptoms, and more recently some neuropathy (prickly feelings in face & hands).

Anyway, after 10 years I think it is getting resistant to the Valtrex, and I'm adding cimetidine & monolaurin, anecdotally possibly effective for herpesviruses though no definitive studies. But at least both are pretty safe.

So definitely recommend trying Valtrex if you feel 'virusy'---when I was in my undiagnosed phase I told all the docs it felt like a chronic infection but as I was HIV negative nobody took it seriously.
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Hi living dead. I know this an old post, but can you tell me how things have been with you since oct 2012?
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Try cycling with valtrex. Go on it for 3 months, then stop it for one or two months to give you body time to get back to normal but not so much that the virus has time to reoccur. Cycle with it.
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