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I have burning mouth and an EBV recurrence, is it related? Please help!

I was recently diagnosed with an EBV recurrence. Initially had mono 15/16 years ago, I'm 31 now. I've had a burning mouth that's gotten increasingly worse over the last three weeks. It started with white spots on my tonsils two months ago, sore throat, no fever and a slight uncomfortable feeling on my tongue after about a week or so. Tonsils are still red, spots are gone but my tongue looks inflamed, kind of like this picture: http://www.lightskincure.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/enlarged-papillae.png   I also have a couple of lightly discolored black/brown papillae on the tip of my tongue that have been there for about two months without changing.

I did a monospot test that came up negative and doctors checked for bacterial and other viral possibilities including strep, all coming back negative. I recently saw an ENT who said the most common reasons are GERD and thrush. He didn't see signs of either but prescribed Nystatin mouth rinse for a week. I've been on the Nystatin for three days and it's not getting better. I've also done all the STD tests (chlamydia, trich, syphilis, HIV,  HSV swab, all came back negative. He basically shrugged his shoulders at me about it and said that sometimes there's no explanation which has me completely freaked out and thinking this is my life now.

I also found out I have iron deficiency anemia and have been on heme iron pills for about a month. And I have either primary or secondary thrombocythemia and am negative for leukemia.

Has anyone experienced mouth burning with EBV? Could it be a fungal/thrush infection? I'm losing my mind and I don't know how long I can deal with this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Yes, I have had mouth burning with EBV.  It's gotten much better.  I do salt water gargles and aloe vera gargles everyday to sooth the pain.  Make sure you do the gargles after you eat so that the effect stays in your mouth for a while.
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