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I need some help..

I was wondering if some of you could help me.  I am 17 yrs old and I have had chronic fatigue for many years. I think I inherited some of my dad’s problems as he has been sickly all his life. I have a difficult time going to sleep at night. It’s just like my mind will not shut down. Sometimes I lay awake all night. Then early in the morning when I am finally exhausted enough to go to sleep, I then sleep until noon or worse. What can I do? My parents are hard on me telling me that I should fight it and do something.
Recently, I bought some mouth strips that are supposed to help you go to sleep. I have taken them now for about a week. They do help me go to sleep, but they also make it difficult for me to wake up and when I get up then its like  I'm  on drugs I'm so so tried wost then when I went to sleep. I still can not get up until noon or so fighting what the strips do to me.
I have been tested and I do have EBV causing chronic fatigue syndrome. I try to do things for my health, but it just seems hopeless. Nothing seems to work.
I sure would appreciate some help  with what I can do being a teenager with a short attention span and limited budget.

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Your parents should be involved in your care.  I understand that you are nearly an adult, but they need to be involved with and supportive of your health.  You should sit down with them and see what they can or can't do, what they are willing to and not to do.  After all you probably are on their health insurance.  What is EBV?
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well i already did and they dont know what to do 4 me......
so thats why im asking 4 some help..
EBV is Epstein Barr Virus
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well.. i have good and bad news njoyb... I am 18 and was diagnosed with EBV at a young age ( 11 or so ).  I was recently diagnosed with Sleep Apnea (central in my case).  It is a very frustrating situation, you sleep but don't get the effects of good sleep.  In my entire life I cannot remember waking up feeling refreshed or good.. ever..  I came accross this post when I was searching for other people with central sleep apnea, and EBV.. sounds like we may be in the same boat. =(  I would get a sleep study if possible to see if Sleep Apnea is your problem.

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Sleep apnea is common in many CFS (AKA: chronic EBV.. post viral syndrome, etc.) patients.
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