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Please join me in welcoming Plateletgal as the new Community Leader for the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) Community. Plateletgal is also the CL of Fribromyalgis/CFS Community and has much knowledge as it relates to EBV.  We look forward to working with Plateletgal and the community to continue improving and growing the EBV Community.

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Congratulations!  I know your knowledge & insight have already helped me a lot since I found Medhelp, and I'm sure that won't change in the future!!  ;-)
BTW, I thought you were already a CL in EBV......???
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Congrats Plateletgal! I thought you were already the leader also! You have a wealth of knowledge and I certainly appreciate you!
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Bout Time--lol  I wont 4get to sat Pleaseeee-lol   Congrats buddy-Your the Best-  Padro46
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Thanks guys... you're the best !  I figured I'd offer to get the official star since I check out this board every single day anyway. ; ^ )  

Oh and Padro.... "THANK YOU!!!"  ; ^ )

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