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I recently have noticed a break out type thing pop up. I have researched herpes and what not and I dont think it is that but I need to know what it is. I am only a teenager and really nervous now to what it is. It is right under my testicles and on the left side on my "gooch" is 3 or 4 flat round circles that itch from time to time but dont sting and nothing oozes out but when i scratch them, skin seems to come off like it is dead skin or something and then sometimes if i scratch too much it will bleed a tiny bit. There is one on my upper thigh too and also on the right side there is only one under my testicles or very high thigh. Please help me figure out what it is.
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I had the same thing in my groin area tmi I know but I was told that it was just patches of dry skin and to try some lotion on the area it actually went away after a few days I have not had again since hope that helps
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I will try that but i really hope that is all. How can it be dry skin down there? Thats what i was thinking/ hoping it was since the dead skin is flaking off but i am not sure.
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And one circle seems to stick out just a little bit, the seperated one on my thigh, and the rest are flat but this makes me nervous because of this one that is standing out. I put the lotion on and it feels alright now but does this even sound like something really serious or std like? I dont want my parents to find out but i want to see a doctor but im afraid they will contact my parents or charge me a fortune to see them.. So i dont know what to do.
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It has also been 2 years since i have been sexually active. and this is the first sign of this if that means anything?
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