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Lymph nodes months after Mono?

Hey guys, I've been a browser of this forum for a while and thought I'd finally post a question of my own. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit worried about my lymph nodes and the possibility of lymphoma.
Little background info:
I started feeling enlarged lymph nodes at the end of June this year. A few weeks after, I had a case of a Staph infection and was put on sulfameth for a week, it cleared up fine. Unfortunately my lymph nodes didn't go down after the infection. I went into the doctors a few times to try and find some answers, and in late July was diagnosed with Mono (which was a relief). The initial monospot test came out negative, but the EBV titers were positive for Mono. For the period of time I didn't know I had Mono (I thought I was just very tired from school and adjusting back home) I drank a few times and smoked a few days a week. When I found out I had it, I stopped for about a month, got tested for Mono again before returning to school in September, and Mono was cleared from my system. Since then I've gotten a cold and bronchitis, and am still dry coughing occasionally.

The reason for my worry is because of my symptoms, which are the following:

generalized lymphadenopathy, after probing over summer I found clusters of them in my groin area, found at least 3 on each sides of the neck and one on both sides of my supraclavical region (above collarbone) - the last of which is my main concern as I've read the inflammation of collarbone lymph nodes is reason to go get checked out (which I did, my doctor didn't seem concerned at the time). In the groin area, there's one on each side that seem fixed and hard, I don't know if that's just it's structure if that's a reason to worry about malignancy.

pressure in chest, sometimes on right and sometimes on left side - a dull ache that I imagine is coming from right below my rib cage area. Initially thought this was caused from anxiety however it is almost daily so I don't know if that's the case.

elevated heart rate, I feel as though my heart is beating out of my chest at times. I can feel my pulse in all of my lymph areas etc. and though often times when I test myself I have a 'normal' heart rate, sometimes my resting rate is slightly over 100 bpm.

soreness and hardness in testicles, not sure if it's related. I had a testicular ultrasound when I was feeling the soreness the most and everything came back fine.

muscle spasms - sometimes they are close to or feel as though it's the lymph nodes. happens for like ten seconds then goes away, but happens often.

the lymphadenopathy I have a question about. I'm a skinny guy, is it truly cause for concern if I can feel my collarbone lymph nodes? None of the lymph nodes I explained are visibly inflamed, just can be felt under the skin if I'm looking for them.

also, I've heard that lymph nodes take a while to de-swell - I can't seem to find if this is normal for me, to have fairly inflammed lymph nodes for about five months straight due to the staph, mono, cold and bronchitis my body has been through. Some of them seem larger than they were initially, however they're not "growing" as far as I know, if that makes sense. Like, certain ones seem larger day-to-day then will go back down to normal.

I've had a CBC twice (2 month interval) with completely normal results (other than the EBV titers changing) and the doctor said my WBC was directly in the normal range. I never felt thoroughly checked by my doctor though, he'd quickly feel my lymph nodes and tell me they're not big enough to have any suspicion to biopsy.

I'll be getting a chest x-ray soon for peace of mind, but should I truly listen to everyone telling me not to worry? From what I've heard, without a biopsy it's hard to tell, so how is my doctor, a family-friend nurse, college medical center doctor, and friends and family so sure that I'm worrying too much about all of this? I'm just trying to figure out what's wrong here and can't seem to find an answer.

If you have similar symptoms or did have them and was diagnosed, please let me know! Or anyone wanting to shed light here, I'm all ears. I do admit that I can get a bit anxious and that doesn't help in this situation.
Thanks for reading.
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