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Mono or allergic reaction?

okay this all happened really fast so i feel like i may be jumping the gun, but....

for some background information, i'm a generally healthy 22-year old female.

yesterday, i noticed a red rash, non-itchy starting to develop all over my body. i thought it was probably just heat rash because i spent the previous day in the sun. then i woke up in the middle of the night with a 101.5 temp and glands so swollen i literally couldn't move my neck. the fever has broken and my glands have gone down some since then, but the glands are still very tender and painful. the rash continued to spread today.

i remembered this morning that i was on a new medication for a sinus infection, so i called my doctor, told her the symptoms and she wrote it down as an allergic reaction and had me stop taking the medication - however, i told her about the swollen glands and she said that it could be mono.

i know sore throat is usually a symptom of mono but i haven't had it yet - my throat does feel tight, though, maybe as a result of my swollen lymph nodes.

i'm thinking this is mono? should i go ahead and schedule an appointment for monday? i know there's not much doctors can do for mono, but i'm so nervous because i'm starting a new job in a week and i don't want this to get in the way of my start date if it happens to be mono....

any help is appreciated. thanks!
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well to be fair i've slept through 70% of the past 2 days and have only left my room like 3 times because it's too hard to get up.
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I doubt its mono. If you were in the acute phase of mono, then you would probably be to tired to be posting on internet forums.
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