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I was diagnosed with mono March 30th 2010. Five days prior to that was when I was feeling terribly sick and two weeks before that I had symptoms that of a cold. The pharmacists at CVS told my mom that I shouldn’t exercise or dance. I dance at least five to seven hours hours a week after school and the hours vary throughout the school year, so it was very difficult for me to hear this news because I love to dance. The week that I found out I had mono was horrible, I couldn’t swallow anything, I kept spitting up like a baby, I couldn’t breathe through my nose, I had ear aches and headaches and it just wasn’t good at all. But I woke up on Saturday morning and felt absolutely fine. It was like all the pain was all a dream. And right now I feel so alive and I’m tired at all. I just want to know if I can go back to dance because I read things online about your spleen possibly rupturing with exercise or intense movement but I really want to dance again and what’s weird is that I don’t feel sick at all anymore.

1.) I had cold symptoms I had prior to me being diagnosed, could that have actually been mono?  
2.) Will my spleen rupture if I start dancing and exercising again?
3.) Is it possible that I don’t have mono anymore?
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1.  I think there's a good chance the cold symptoms could have been the start of mono.  Mine started out like the flu, which really isn't much different.
2.  There's only one way to find out, and I wouldn't recommend trying it!  On a serious note though, I would suggest waiting a month or so before doing something like dancing.
3.  Again, I would give at least a month before trying to get active with things again.  I found this out the hard way, as I started working out again after I thought I was over mono, and then it hit me really HARD again and I had a major relapse.  So in my opinion, don't take any chances; let your body recover a little while longer, and then slowly get back into your "regular" life.  Best wishes!
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