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Muscle contractions, burning and soreness

I have been diagnosed with several different conditions, one of which is Chronic Epstein Barr virus and chronic fatigue syndrome.  I am experiencing muscle contractions of both lower legs with burning in the muscles and what feels like the shin bones. M'y feet are swelled and I'm unable to walk more then 2-3 steps before my legs start to shake like I'm about to fall from muscle weakness.  I am not sure if this is symptoms from the Chronic EBV or if it is something else that maybe causing this.  I am taking gabapentin, magnesium oxide, and tramadol but am having no relief from my symptoms at all.  Is there any one that has this Chronic EBV that also has these symptoms and is it related to the EBV or is there something else I should be questioning the doctors about?
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It sounds like you have EBV virus induced CFS.  EBV is notorious for causing peripheral neuropathy and autonomic system disorder which are the symptoms you describe.  I had all this tested at a special neurodiagnostic lab and that's what I have.  It sounds like you're taking all the right meds.  There's also these stocking you can wear.  google peripheral neuropathy treatments.  Also check out a dr who'll treat your ebv/cfs with anti virals such as valacyclovir or valcyte.  It takes awhile but does help.  
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Thank you for your comment.  I am going to ask the doctors that I'm treating with about these anti vials.  They also now believe that I have myotonic dystrophy and am going to be tested this month for that as well.  Do the anti viral treatments cause you to be more susceptible to infection?  I am sick a lot now because my immune system is so weak.
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I know this post was years ago but you should be tested for bartonella. It wreaks havoc with your body. I am a veterinarian  and know of the risks of bartonella infection in animals and humans.
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