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Normal Symptoms?

For 4 months (since around mothers day) I have felt terrible. I went to my PCP and was diagnosed with strep even though I never had a sore throat,. I also had elevated liver enzymes (upwards of 400 for my ALT) but she didn't check that just put me on amoxicillin. A week after the antibiotics I was still feeling bad, worse even.. I went back and she told me that I had mono and needed to just go home and rest. When I still seemed to be getting worse I went back a third time, only to discover that my Dr had never actually tested me only assumed that's what it was. When she finally tested me she said it was negative and she didn't know what was wrong with me and asked what I thought we should do... Really?!! So I got a referral to an endo and had been awaiting that appt while I still felt like crap. At this point I just got worse from not knowing what was wrong and just my symptoms in general. Finally decided to get a second opinion from a different doctor and come to find out I've had an active EBV infection for about 4 months now. The symptoms that I've had don't seem to fit what I've seen online so I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this... So like I said mine all started with a fever that wouldn't go away for about 3 weeks.. After the fever I started getting headaches, hand tremors, I have a very hard time concentrating and feel like my head is super foggy.. Not allowing me to think straight.. Im very tired and forgetful and sometimes have shortness of breath... This diagnosis still doesn't seem completely right to me but maybe these are symptoms that are more common with longer infections?? My new doc tested my antibodies and said that the infection seems to finally be on its way out but I'm still feeling terrible. I've felt bad for so long that I cant remember feeling good... I just want to feel normal. I hope she is right but wanted to hear others opinions/symptoms. Anything you recommend to help??
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Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. Look up on recommended foods to deal with ebv virus. Hope you can feel normal soon!
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Exact same thing happened to my son, told him he had strep even though it was negative and tested him for mono a month later that came out negative.  High EBV, 18 months later still fatigued with brain fog.
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Hi all! Not sure where you stand with your symptoms but figured I would share my story.  I was diagnosed with mono in January 2018 and had a relapse in May. I have yet to come back to my normal self. I have extreme fatigue shortness of breath, body aches, hot flashes, foggy brain and can’t remember anything.  I have been to my PCP, and infectious disease specialist and soon a hematologist. Through all of that I have had tons of blood work done that I have revealed ups and downs of my WBC, platelet levels and liver.  After talking to a family friend who has had the same symptoms she recommended me to read a book called  Medical Medium by Anthony William.   I have done hours and hours of research and read many people stories and people swear by his remedies.  I am currently on his 28 day cleanse to clean out my body of the toxins and hoping to see some improvement as I have been out of work for two months now.   It has been debilitating and depressing to say the least.  Especially being a single mother to two young kids.  Good luck to all and I hope you fell better!
Hi—I’m on week 5 of acute reactive EBV and am curious about the results of the cleanse from the Medically medium book. I read it and am skeptical. I am also a single mom of two kids and missing a month’s paycheck is, well, challenging to say the least. I NEED to work, but the symptoms aren’t getting better. Look forward to hearing from you—***@****
Hi MusicMama! Sorry for the delayed response as I am just seeing this. So I finished the 28 day cleanse from Anthony Williams and kept with the clean eating lifestyle with some modifications and it has been life changing. I still have days where I’m tired but they are far and few in between. And I noticed it happens when I eat something that triggers the symptoms. I’m back to work and have even started working out again. It’s definitely a lot of work and a big expense to eat healthy but it is soooo worth it!! How have you been coping?
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Hi Easring,
I am curious about the outcome of your illness. I am in the third month of the same nightmare.
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