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Like everyone else, I have been dealing with EBV since Dec 07 or so they say.  Have spent many $$$$$$ on MRI, Chest X-rays  Blood Test etc.   Have come to the end of my rope,   Everything but the EBV panel is negative.  Back of the head pain sometimes, Lightheaded just about every day,  Light pains that move around sometimes stomach sometimes chest (have went to a heart doctor as well (acis reflux or so they say)   Does anyone have ONE Type of doctor that might be the ONE to talk to about this??   From what I read there is NOTHING that can be done>
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Find yourself a good naturopathic physician. If there is anything else going on, a ND will find it. Their medical training is quite different from regular MD's and they approach you from a holistic point of view. They disect the blood work reports and give you so much information from them. Your insurance may not cover a ND consultation, but the cost would be worth the information you get in return. Fill out the ND's medical history forms in advance of your visit and bring all your labwork reports to the visit.

Best wishes. I hope you feel better soon.
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Hi padro46, sorry this reply is so late, didn't know you posted to me..yes, it is EBV--reactivated..apparently it has been reactivating for 3 years. which is why I have it so bad. was told I had Fibro. Doc put me on anti virals to try, 2 different times. Didn't healp at all, actually made me feel sicker. he also gave me adderall for fatigue. I see pain management doc for pain meds, and just recently my neuro/immuno doc also put me on neurontin.
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I really dont know what to do, I posted not long ago I finally got a referral to a infectious disease doctor,  He looked at all my test results and would not even see me, advised there was nothing he could do for me just ride it out.(EBV)  Talk about a kick while you are down.  My main issue now appear to be chest pain, Stomach pain/nausea  will be seeing a gastro. dr next week for that  hope no colin/stomach issue there.  
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I hope the link I sent you was helpful. The sooner you get treated... the better.


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I think I missed it would you send it again,  Thanks *
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Its on its way ! ; ^ )
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