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Please help! Some results given, can give more if asked.

I had a sore throat for a couple of weeks and on December 21st my throat was so sore, and my tonsils had swollen so badly that they were squishing against my Uvula, so on December 22nd, I went to Urgent Care. For any doctors here, I'll highlight what are in boxes: LKCS 13.6, ABSOLUTE LYMPHS 7.6, ABS MONOS 1.0, AST 61, ALT 64 (I'm assuming boxed ones are ones of concern since there's an H in the "fagged" column next to it).

Anyways. so I was prescribed codeine to be take every 4-6 hours. In about 2 weeks after I was diagnosed on the 22nd, I was feeling better, but my spleen would hurt if I walked too much. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago, and he said I could drink again because he couldn't feel my spleen. I was fine until about a week ago when my throat went scratchy, I got 3 white spots on my tonsils (which didn't swell much), red spots on my tongue and became sort of tired again.

My problem: I've been talking to this guy I met when I went to visit my friend out of town for 6 months on February 4th. He has asked me to hang out multiple times as he has a car and he could come pick me up for a weekend thing, but I've always said no. He asked me to hang out again on February 8th. Thing is, I feel as though we are going to kiss (most), but I want to know a bit more of an accurate percentage I'll pass it on. I don't exactly know how to say "I have mono" then  explain how I got it (I honestly got it the most innocent way. While I was working at a daycare).

I also just started yesterday (sort of) coughing up small amounts of phlegm/mucus. It's happening more today, and it's white. If this goes away before next Friday, is it safe to say that I'll be okay?

Thank you for your help!
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