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Please help

Hello, can someone explain my test results to me please.
I had what I believe were prodrome symptoms in January -February of early 2022 after having protected sex and a very quick oral sex receiving on my penis in November.
No mouth to mouth
The symptoms got worse. Had headaches, tailbone pain, buttock and leg pain, genital burning, burning when peeing. Etc.
I then got tremors while using antivirals (false positive herpes test) and then had neuropathy in my feet and hands. Then my whole body.
Fast forward to now, my whole body aches, I have burning everywhere, weakness, blurred vision, fogginess etc.

Ive had literally 90+ blood tests, MRI’s, cat scans, X-rays, etc. according to doctors I am extremely healthy.

The only thing positive is EBV.

Could someone look at my blood test results here and tell me what you think?

Doctors don’t seem to believe my issues are coming from this…

Infectious Mononucleosis
Value Negative

Interpretation of Epstein Barr Virus Panel
Final result

Value Positive

Value Negative

EBV Nuclear Ag Ab
Value Positive

EBV Early Ag Ab
Value Positive

EBV DNA Result
Value EBV DNA Not Detected
by PCR.

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