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Possibly reactive EBV??

I will try to keep this short, been feeling "off" for a few years but more so recently. Symptoms include fatigue, weakness, mild abdominal pain, aches and pains (esp lower back and legs), feeling off or dizzy, stinging eyes, some swollen lymph nodes in groin with pain.

             TEST                                       RESULT          RANGE
Epstein-Barr Virus Capsid Ag IgM Ab   >160.0 U/mL 0.0-35.9 H
Epstein-Barr Virus Capsid Ag IgG Ab    384.0 U/mL 0.0-17.9 H
Epstein-Barr Nuclear Ag Ab Titer    483.0 U/mL 0.0-17.9 H
Epstein-Barr Early Antigen IgG Ab    12.1 U/mL 0.0-8.9 H

Been through a few months of bloodwork and only other flag my doctor mentioned was elevated liver enzymes which at their highest were ALT and AST in the 200-300 range. They have since returned back to normal after a few months. Have had ultrasounds, abdominal/pelvic CT, colonoscopy, and everything is coming back ok.

I have mono as a teen, is this a reactive stage? Any advice and what type of doctor to contact?
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forgot to mention

im at 28 yr old male
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OMG I'm going through almost the same thing I'm 28 female and have almost every single symptom you have its been 3 months of hell!!!
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Just found out I have hpv...cervicitis...and just had a relapse of ebv. Been 3 months of hell what could be causing my body to all of a sudden be reactivating viruses? Hpv is new but I'm sure I was exposed 10 years ago and I got ebv when I was 15. My blood work was mostly normal  I have high ALT (SGPT) Levels at 40 

I have high platelets 534 

A high count for EBV which is mono. ENT wasn't concerned about anything else besides the mono.  But that it's not active anymore. Still have awful symptoms my throat hurts feeling sharp pains in my abdomen. I have a low risk strain of hpv everything came back normal with my biopsy and cocoscopy except that i have an inflamed cervix.  my symptoms won't stop! !! Feels  like even more is going on since it just seems like my body is pulsating diseases through my veins !!! It's awful. It hurts and it's uncomfortable
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I just posted this ^^
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I think it has to be the ebv because hpv isn't like this from what I've been told
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I'm going to an infectious disease dr
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Iv been experiencing symptoms over 4 months. Symptoms still presists. Everytime i feel im getting better and goin back to my normal life... BOOM!!
General fatigue body aches sore throat never left me. Neck pain swollen nodes on one side of neck. Dry mouth and eyes. White tongue and irritated taste buds. The symptoms have been always there after exposure.

Checked for all std's including hep b&a. Hiv1/2 ab.ag
All came back normal.

The most annoying thing is my tongue is white and sore with teeth marks.

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Hi MH,

The high igM reading would seem to indicate that the mono has re-activated.
Because, in normal circumstances, the igM antibody is only present during acute infection, and should then fall to undetectable levels after around 2-3 months. It will only bounce back during a re-activation. The high liver enzymes during this period also seems to indicate a reactivation, as readings of 200-300 are typical during the acute phase of mono.

The fact they have returned to normal is a good sign, what about your symptoms? Have they also improved?

You could contact either an infectious disease specialist, to find out more about your condition and how to treat it.

I find that sexual health/STI doctors are useless when it comes to discussing mono as they treat it with disdain.
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Did you get diagnosed with mono?

I also have dry mouth, white tongue (for almost 2 months now) following a "low risk" oral sexual exposure 4 months ago.

I got diagnosed with acute mono around 3 weeks after the exposure, but I was worried about HIV for a long time until I tested negative at 11 weeks,13 weeks and again at 15 weeks post exposure. These were using highly sensitive DUO tests which pick up not only antibodies but antigens as well. Also negative to all other STI's including hep B +C at 15 weeks.  

Still have some irritating symptoms like oily skin on face, dry skin elsewhere on body (eg dry hands and chapped lips), worse than normal acne on chest /back, occasional loose stools, occasional tender lymph nodes in armpits, dry skin+white tongue etc.

Mono can really present itself in very strange forms.  Maybe there are different strains of EBV, some of which are more aggressive than others? I really dont know.

My bloodwork has now returned to normal, but my body hasnt! It really *****.
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Thanks for your reply, My symptoms have not really improved but some days are seem better than others. I will start to feel better than it will seem to come back.

My family practitioner referred me to an infectious disease specialist for Lymes evaluation (negitive)  and the only thing he said about my EBV levels was "Wow those are impressive numbers, im not sure what to make of those" He rechecked my liver enzymes (which were dropping slowly) and said follow up with your referring doctor.He mentioned that if i ever wanted to be reevaluated to call him.

I go for a follow up with my family Dr. on Monday to recheck liver enzymes. Going to mention my groin lymph nodes that are bothering me and maybe try to get her to look at the "Big Picture" again.

Any other questions or discussions are welcome.

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Hi,same case as yours. How are you now? Update us please.
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