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Question about Hepatitis and Mono
Gonna go off on a little rant/back story here so bare with me.

Back in October of last year I pretty darn sick. I felt horrible. Had bad muscle cramps, fatigue, swelling glands in neck,lack of appetite,chills, bad night sweats,fever that ranged from 100-103, and a little bit of a dry cough.

After 7 days of missing work and dealing with these I went to the doctor. He just told me that I had bronchitis and gave me Zithromax. Went home and took the Zithromax and was popping tylenol as suggested to help with the fever. It' made everything so much worse. I felt like someone punched me in the stomach. I couldtn even eat at all.

After taking the Z-pak (24hrs after finishing the last pill) I went back to the doctor and he was going to give me another antibiotic, but I told him no that I wanted some tests run. So he did a CBC, urine test. Everything, but a mono test. (Said if I had mono I would have a bad sore throat)

Next day woke up and felt better. No fever and I could eat. Then got a call that morning from the doctor that something was very wrong with my blood tests that I need to get to the hospital ASAP!

For one telling someone like myself who suffers from anxiety disorder is horrible. I get to the hospital and he has called ahead so I get right in which makes me worry worse. I'm a little dehydrated so they give me an I.V. drip. Then draw blood and urine. Come back and all my tests are fine, but a few. My liver AST was in the 400's and my ALT was in the 800's. Also my blood platelets were low. 77 (120 was listed as normal) and Atypical Lymphs were high. 4 out of a normal of 0-2.  

They took more blood to check for all the Hepatitis' and HIV I believe. (Never slept around or did drugs) After a few hours they sent me home saying it was Hepatitis A.

Then a few weeks later. I felt a 100% fine by then. I got a call telling me I needed to come back for more testing because my Hep A reading was false because I had gotten the vaccine when I was younger and it showed up positive for that reason.

Said Screw this and went to see an internist that my neighbor who is a pediatrics doctor recommended. He asked to see all the test results from the doctor and hospital. Within a few minutes he asked why I wasnt tested for Mono, CMV, or any other EBV related thing. I said its because I didnt have a sore throat. He just shook his head. Ran a test for mono and long story short I had CMV. From the low platlets to the atyph lymph and the high ast/alt readings it seems all consistent with that of EBV. He was pissed off that give my symptoms that they didnt at least check for mono to rule it out.

He said that the high liver enzymes were very high for EBV. But, thinks that it could have been because I was just getting off Zithromax and with an already struggling liver that the Zithromax and tylenol made it that much worse and put my liver in a hepatitic state.

I am doing fine now and am back to normal 6months later. But, did anyone else with EBV not have a sore throat or did you have liver enzymes that high? I was worried that having them that high caused damage to my liver. But, he assured me that most college kids do more damage in a semester than that lol

Also, point of my rant. Always get a second opinion if you are iffy about something.
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