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Reactivated EBV - can I exercise at all?

Hi, all! My doctor used antibody tests to confirm that I have chronic reactivated EBV, which explains why I've been too tired to function at work or grad school lately. I'm a female in my late 30s and until December have always been active with running, yoga, hiking, weights. My doctor said to treat this CREBV like chronic fatigue syndrome: rest, rest, rest and don't overdo anything. But I miss working out, and I'm bummed that I keep putting on weight (I have autoimmune issues too, which make my body swell up). I've already dropped one of my two grad-school courses to give myself more rest, but will walking 30 min a day set my recovery back? (Also, is my spleen in danger from activities like yoga or very light weight training?) Thanks so much in advance, and I wish you all the best of health.
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From what I've read, activity is advised is limited amounts. It is generally more beneficial than no exercise at all! Of course you can't run long distances or workout for over an hour anymore, but 30 min workouts and yoga should be very beneficial!
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A 30 minute workout would put me in bed for a day, maybe two!!!! When you’ve had multiple days in a row of feeling well try a 10 minute walk. Just a walk. If you don’t flare within 48 hours stick to the 10 minutes for a week, and if no flares slowly increase.
I will also share aka autoimmune and EBV and how much diet can help. I have finally decided to try a high fat moderate protein ketogenic diet. I am 80% animal fats, 20% protein I have felt great for seven days in a row! I’ve also given up alcohol, I would recommend getting on, some of the carnivore forums and give it a shot. It’s Been amazing for me.
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