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Test Results

For the last 6 months I've had increasingly worse symptoms. I just received my test results back for EBV. My values are as follows:

EBV VCA AB (IgG)  >5.00

EBV EBNA AB (IgG)  >0.93

Is this 5 value considered high?

Any help is appreciated.

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Yes, I believe the 5.00 is considered high and that particular test only goes up to 5.00, so it could actually be higher.

What are your symptoms??
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Thanks for your response! I know this is a mouthful but here goes.

Current/Recent Symptoms

Sub dermal pain upper/center and lower abdomen - feels like stinging irritation below skin but not deep like an organ

Pain on both sides of neck-Severe Feb 27,28, makes me sound horse

Burning/Tingling/Pain in shin/feet-Severe Feb 27,28

Shortness of breath

Eye pressure/discomfort-very red upon waking

Swollen feeling under rib cage/upper abdomen-has subsided

Random biting/stinging pain in back and elsewhere

Muscle pain inner thighs

Urethral Discomfort: mostly mild but has been painful for a couple of days on one occasion.

A few very small bumps on head of penis but no discharge. They seem to occasionally fade but don't go away.

Facial red raised rash with yellow heads that disappear in 2-3 days after appearing.

Redish rash on chest that comes and goes

Facial Milia

Very small bluish lesion on face.

Stinging Sensation: Random/Entire Body-Increases when lower dose of Vitamin C or Lysine.

Lips: very small, almost subdermal yellow-head type pimples.

Itching: Chest/Under Arms-has subsided

Fatigue: Was severe but has subsided

Nausea: Occasional


1 Dec 08: (60 days from exposure)

Tested Negative for:

HIV 1 & 2
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
HSV 1 & 2.

15 Dec 08: (75 days/10.5 weeks from exposure)

Tested Negative for:

Hepatitis C (PCR DNA)
Gonorrhea (Urine)
Chlamidia (Urine)

30 Dec 08 (3 Months/12-13 weeks from exposure):

Tested Positive for Hepatitis A

Tested Negative for:

HIV 1 and 2
RPR (Syphilis)
CMV, Leishmania Panel-see lab report, OVA and Parasites (stool),  

31 Dec 08: (90 days/13 weeks from exposure)

Tested Negative for:

HIV 1 & 2
HSV 1 & 2 (said to be conclusive at 12-16 weeks)

10 Feb 09: (133 days/19 weeks)

Tested Negative for:

Hepatitis B
HSV 1 & 2

24 Feb 09: (147 days/21 weeks/5 months)

Tested Negative for:

HIV 1 & 2 (OraQuick ADVANCE® Rapid HIV-1/2 Antibody Test)

12 Mar 09: (5.5 months)

Tested negative for:

HHV-8 DNA PCR and Antibody Test

EBV VCA AB (IgG) = Negative
EBV VCA AB (IgG) = Positive >5.00
EBV EBNA AB (IgG) = Equivocal 0.93

Blood work showed slightly low lymphocytes: 22%/1500 total count.

18 Mar 09: (169 days/24 weeks/5.5 months)

Tested Negative for:

HIV 1 & 2 (OraQuick ADVANCE® Rapid HIV-1/2 Antibody Test)


All tests were blood antibody unless otherwise noted.
All tests were administered by Labcorp or US Hospital Lab..
Taking 6 grams of Lysine/Day for the last 3 months. It has helped with symptoms but I am weening back starting today...doctors suggestion.

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Forgot to mention swollen nasal passage and sore throat.
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I noticed you tested positive for Hep A which could account for some of your symptoms like itching, nausea, fatigue and possibly rashes.  I am not a doctor, but I suspect there is  a lot more going on than EBV. People with chronic EBV have fatigue, flu-like symptoms, muscle and joint aches, swollen glands, sore throat. Rashes are more common in people with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. People with CFIDS usually have multiple infections. It also sounds like you have a lot of nerve pain which can indicate a chronic infection. Sometimes EBV is elevated due to another infection, but it is not the primary cause of your symptoms.

Sorry I can't be of more assistance, but in my opinion, the EBV elevation is secondary to some other infection which is suppressing your immune system.
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Thanks for offering your thoughts on this. What do you think about HIV being that 'other infection'?
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I am not as familiar with HIV other than it obviously suppresses the immune system.  I have had a lot of health problems associated with immune suppression and have a low CD57 which is indicative of either HIV or Chronic Lyme Disease. My EBV is also very elevated, but I know it's not the primary infection.  I tested negative for HIV and I have more symptoms associated with Lyme Disease and I know I have not been exposed to HIV, but I very likely have been exposed to Lyme.  
I do not know how long it takes for an HIV test to be positive if you indeed have it and also how long it takes for symptoms to develop. If all your symptoms began after an exposure to HIV, I suppose it could be likely, but I am not educated in this area.  Perhaps your doctor should test your CD57 and/or any other immune system-markers.
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Pain on both sides of neck
Burning/Tingling/Pain in shin/feet-Severe
Shortness of breath
Random biting/stinging pain in back and elsewhere
joint pain
Muscle pain inner thighs

EBV positive,i have the same symptoms since 3 months,just got diagonised a month back
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