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Unusual Test Results

I have been reading about other people's results and I am worried about the numbers I have received on my test.  They seem to be extremely high is comparison to ones I have seen posted here.  I have chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, and several other annoying symptoms right now.  Has any one else had or heard of results with numbers this high and should I be concerned even though my Dr isn't.

EBV Ab VCA, IgM - 16 (high at 120)
EBV Early Antigen Ab, IcG - 430 (high at 120)
EBV Ab VCA, IgG - 6828 (high at 120)
EBV Nuclear Antigen Ab, IgG - 1544 (high at 120)
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Hi !  I normally don't focus on the EBV numbers, because physicians really can't interpret them anyway. Of course they could tell if you currently have an infection or have had a past infection, but that's it. Apparently the majority of the population tests positive for EBV (past) infection.

I'm more concerned about how long you've been ill and what your symptoms are. Also, I'm concerned about the treatment you are on.
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Thank you for your response.

I have been progressively getting sicker for about 12 years now.  It started right after I got a "real bad case of the flu".  I started to gain weight and was told by several different doctors that I just needed to lose weight and I would feel better.  I gained and lost the same 40 pounds over the years, but am now about 80 pounds overweight and cannot seemed to lose it.  In fact I am still gaining even though I am being very careful about what I eat.  The leader at the local Weight Watchers group asked me not to attend any more meetings until I was serious about weight loss (she thinks I am a closet eater).

Besides the weight gain I feel like I am falling apart.  I am constantly fatigued to the point that I can't make it through the day without taking a couple of naps and they hardly seem to work.  I am having muscle weakness along with very painful cramps and twitches in my legs and arms.  Both of my wrists and hands ache constantly and I have a hard time opening anything with a twist top  I feel like I am in a constant mental fog and get a bad headache every day in the afternoon.  There are times that I get lightheaded and my ears start ringing even if I am just sitting down doing nothing.  I also have hirsutism and very irregular periods.  That is the basics, I could go on and on with tons of little things.

As far as treatment goes, I have been on several rounds of prednisone which doesn't really help.  My soreness goes away but the mental fog and depression get much worse.  Other than that nothing, I did have a few doctors prescribe narcotic pain killers, but they don't work.  I keep telling them that I would rather find out what is going on than take the pills, but I haven't been successful in getting anything done in the past.

My current doctor has run a battery of blood tests, but once the EBV results came back, he said it was Chronic EBV and said that there was nothing that could be done about it except eat healthier, exercise, and deal with it.  He did say that if I did get an active infection he would treat it with antibiotics.

I am 34 and have 4 kids, a 9 your old daughter with Aspergers, a 21 month old son, and 7 month old boy and girl twins.  And once again I have gotten the "your overweight" and "have a lot on your plate" talk and sent packing.  I am concerned because I know that this isn't all in my head and I want to know what to do to get it taken seriously.  My aunt died of lupus because by the time she got help it was too late, and my mom has MS and it took her a long time to get any help herself.

Sorry that this is so long but I wanted to try and explain everything.  
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I'm not surprised to hear that some of your family members have chronic health issues. I also have relatives who have autoimmune conditions. The treatment that I've been on iis actually helping all sorts of chronic health conditions, including autism, chronic lyme disease, sarcoidosis, lupus, MS, CFS and fibromyalgia.

Here is the information if you are interested in reading :

http://www.immed.org/ --- click on "fatigue illness" and "autoimmune illness" or any others you'd like  ; ^ )

http://bacteriality.com/2007/10/31/family/ --- Bacteria vs. genetic predisposition: the spread of chronic disease in families

http://bacteriality.com/2008/07/31/hpv/ --- HPV found in breast milk, clarifying yet another way in which pathogens likely spread from parent to child

http://bacteriality.com/2008/09/22/coa/  --- Notes from the 2008 International Congress on Autoimmunity

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Links to Q & A sessions we had recently with Garth Nicolson, Ph.D. in the fibro / CFS forum. Dr. Nicolson is the founder of the Institute for Molecular Medicine and he and his team has studied the role of infections in chronically ill patients:


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have you had all thyroid levels checked?
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Thank you for the links!  I had a bad day yesterday so I haven't been able to read much yet, but I will.  I have finally convinced my doctor to see me tomorrow and I am going to read up tonight so that I am better prepared to argue my side LOL.
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