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Valcyte and EBV titers

I just joined this forum and have a question regarding my EBV tests and Valcyte. My doctor wants me to start Valcyte for my elevated HHV6 and EBV antibody levels. I will post them and if anyone here has any thoughts on them I would very much appreciate it. I know this isn't an HHV6 forum but I will post the test results as well.

HHV6 Ab IgG 21.44 (range 0.1-1.1)

EBV Early Ag IgG - 40 (no range was listed on either of these)
EBV Anti VCA IgG - 640

The mono screen was negative as was the EBV Anti VCA IgM

It all began with "flu" symptoms almost 7 years ago. I am willing to take the Valcyte with blood testing done every 2 weeks. I wanted anyone's opinion of if these test results indicate and high enough level where the Valcyte could do any good. I have read Montoya's requirements and I am not sure sure I fit into them for treatment.

My symptoms are chronic exhaustion/fatigue, unrefreshing sleep, nerve pain (in only left calf), PEM. I have been diagnosed with CFS 4 months ago...Any help on this would be welcomed. Thanks...
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I'm dealing w/same health probs. can't afford any meds. except inexpensive ones. Absolutly hate this tired/sick feeling. My Lord, when does it ever end??? Do what I can w/vits. etc. seems it's never good enough. grrrrrrrr!!!! Any help out there????????? thanks in advance
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Hello, sorry to hear things aren't going well!  Please keep in mind I'm not a doctor, but I'm just wondering why you're questioning yours.  If you've been diagnosed with CFS, I'm assuming you see a specialist, as a CFS diagnosis usually isn't made by a general physician.  I would think that whatever your doctor is telling you, is going to be the best for you.  Also, without a range on your EBV tests, I can't say for sure if either is high, but given that you've been diagnosed with CFS, I would be quite surprised if your EBV levels were NOT high.  I wish you the best, and please keep us updated on how things are going!
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