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help I'm so stressed

since late january early february I have not been feeling right. Been to alot of doctors and tests since then, blood work, ct scans, mri, colonoscopy, endoscopy. My symptoms are lightheaded, dizzy, forgetfullness and confused, red palms on hands and bottom of feet, weight loss ( 140 to129 ) since february, blurry vision, floaters in eyes, eye pain, decreased feeling in hands and feet and sometimes head, slow hair and nail growth, losing moons in fingernails, small red pin spots on hands face and chest which my derm says it's just blood vessels, dry mouth, white tongue, sometimes nausious, muscle twitches, trouble swallowing, and the list goes on. I had an hiv test done last week that said non reactive, mono test negative, lymes test negative. Wbc count ranging in last 3 months is between 8.0 and 10.1, high neut count but normal absolute neut, low lymph count in february 13 and absolute 1.3, till now my lymph count has gone up and stayed at 25 and my absolute lymph count is in the normal at 2.9. If you need any more info just ask and I will share. I'm so stressed and depressed
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you have to do ebv titers. igm and igg. monotest many time comes negative.
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my doc said since my mono test came back negative twice I don't have ebv. Anyone else have an opinion for above I posted
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Have you thought of having your thyroid checked.  I am hypo or Hashimoto Thyroid.  some of the symptoms you describe are the same.  If you google the site of Mary Shomon you will find a free thyroid checker you can do and then would suggest that you ask them to do the following tests.  
TSH, Free T3, Free T4, anti-thyroglobulin and Anti-thyroid perioxidase.  These should give them a clear picture.

Go to the Hashimoto forum on this site and you will find it very informative - you could be Hyper Thyroid looking at the weight you have lost.  It could also cause hair loss, - trouble swallowing could be the thyroid gland that is inflamed and the dry mouthand coated tounge and muscle twitches also forms part of thyroid conditions

Good luck
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all the blood work I've had done since february showed my TSH, T3 and T4 all normal. Also since 2007 till now my doc says that my MCV, MCH have been low since records going back to 2007 and my RDW has been high since then too
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is your doctor an infectious disease specialist? you could have cmv or ebv and have the monspot negative i did the monospot every time i had a relapse of ebv and my monospot was always negative. i had ebv and relapses and i have the igg of cmv (past infection). once you have ebv or any of those virus, you have the virus inside for the rest of your life. if you are stressed or your immune system is low you could have relapses. eat well avoid milk and derivates, pork, and refined sugar. take lysine and avoid stress.
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what the heck is cmv
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does ebv cause the symptoms I listed including the weight loss
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CMV is cytomegalovirus.  I don't know a lot about it, but I think it's similar to EBV (both can cause mono).  EBV can definitely cause the symptoms you've listed; just do some searching in older posts on this forum!  I would suggest getting the EBV titers test, as jimmmy228 mentioned.  Personally, I had the monospot come back negative 3 times (and 0 times positive), but had high EBV titers.  My doctor said as many as 10% of people never show positive on the monospot test, so I wouldn't rely on that alone, especially since all these other tests are coming back negative.  Best of luck!
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thank you, anyone else have an opinion
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