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is my fear warranted? help!


So i was wondering what my risk might be of acquiring HIV from my ex boyfriend or if i just had mono. In april last year  We both had unprotected oral sex on one another. Until then we were both in a mutally monogamous realtionship for 6 months.I had been tested for STD's and HIV one month prior to this. i have never been diagnosed with any STD's. And he is only my second boyfriend. He gave me his detailed sexual history and told me he had neve been diagnosed with any STD including HIV. On june first I developed what the doctor diagnosed as mono. Fever, exudative tonsillitis, headache and cervical lymphadenopathy.  My monospot came back negative, but he told me that was most probabaly because it was too early on in my disease.i was sick for a 3-4 weeks after that. Later he told me that my blood work showed 43% atypical lymphocytosis and since i had never had mono he was almost sure that it was infectious MONO . he did not repeat the monospot.He never asked me my sexual history, and i never thought anythign of it, because my boyfriend and i were very close, i know most of his family and friends. And it never even struck me.

i told my boyfriend about this and he said he had never had mono before. so i freaked out a little bit and told him to get tested for STD's again. As he was starting MED school, the college had asked him to perform routine screening anyway, and he tested negative for all STD's including HIV. The only thing is we were having a long distance relationship at that point so he was livign in Tampa and i was in cleveland.

Anyway, we broke up in september of last year as he started medical school. It was only then that i started to worry abou thim lying and perhaps being dishonest with me, and i have been freaking out since. We have stayed in contact and i did ask him again abou tthe testing. He asured me he was negative and had not had sexual contact with anyone else 6 months prior to the test.

My question am i just being really paranoid? i mean , he comes from a  very good family and really doesnt have any high risk behaviour that i know of.  He's also well educated about all this stuff. how high do u think my risk is of my "mono" actually being HIV? Or do think i should just trust my doctor. Another question is why i contracted mono in april when he came to visit and not earlier in march when i went to go see him, shouldnt i have gotten it earlier in that case , because we definitley kissed then..itt all very confusing and worrying .what shoudl i do?
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