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symptom of ebv

can ebv cause: joint pain and burning in the joint particulaly the knee and elbows, red rash on stomarch, lymph node, sinus infection and nasal congestion, and acid reflex, pain in abdoment. by doc totl me mt ebv elvel was very high.
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I have all the above symptom,
I was really scared of CFS and MS
What where your levels
My symptoms are your mirror image
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was told mines are very high 153

ebv igg >20 normal reading

i had those symptom for about six month, did you have all those as well, went to 6 doc. do all test. what are the symptoms are you having. and what test you have done. does yo knee pain a lot and burning senation in buttock too.
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burning sensation in buttock can be due to sciatica
did u have a xray
yes i have all these symptoms for 6 months plus now
from april after i had a flu attack
my igg was 4.7and igm was normal
i still have severe bone and nerve pain due to previous deficiency i had last yr of vitamin D and b12
my knees and toes burn,my arm and shoulders too
i am using splints for my elbows try that
helps a bit
elbows feel as if someone is put a needle into it
same with my knees ,its not exactly ,my knees it just above the knees where we have fleshy thigh part
my fingers,knuckles and wrist hurt too
Hope u feel better soon..
Saveguard urself from cold weather
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no i have no taken any x ray, have you get this burning sensation in both knees, and pain in toes and all joints.

what is eaaly your symptoms and how long this been going on and what test have you taken
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do you find my level is high or not and what is you impression on that, have you gotten any red rash on skin.
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Yes i had rashes on my palms and soles of feet
I think your numbers are pretty high.
Be strong I try to be I am just 25 been fighting this for a year now
Rest and keep ur mind positive is the key
The symptoms and pain can get the worse out of you making you feel miserable
As of now i still have elbow and knee pain severe,
Burning sensation on and off
On shoulders back of the neck,
And Severe recurrent one sided headaches and dizziness

The tendons pain thats what the doc told me
Occassional  back aches
A B12 shot helped me combined with neurontin,pls as ur Dr to give you that
let me know if you need anything

I had a xray done for my back which came out normal,As doc was suspecting sciatica
U tccare
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i am taking b complex for the burning, what did you doctor told you about you symptom?

did you had a sore thorat pior to these symptoms. I went to about 6 doctor. two nerougloist said it was anxity and one said it was a virus, which he think might be EBV. cause the reading is very high. he said they is no medication that he can give to me for that it will go on it own. what is you take on that. Do you thing it can be EBV that causing all these burning pain in knee and joint. i have a rash on my belly to a red one.
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Yes looks like its EBV
Thats the same reply my doc gave me
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did you have any rash on you trunk like a red spot
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Nope no rashes,
Whats ur name,
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What all blood test did u take till date
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ANA, CBC, lupus, ers,  tsh, ra , iep profile
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what test u think that i should do, presently.
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i think that you are filled axiety just like me, which may be causing some of those symptom as well. we are in a situration that we really need to help each other one way or the other. this is what mankind are here for. Do you pray that God can help you with those symptoms.
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Yes i pray to god,I meditate and do yoga
Anxiety does cause all these symptoms
Specially heart Palpitation and hot flashes and twitches
I came here from india,Life has been a struggle,Live alone here without family
Me and my husband,
We can speak to each other,
I will help you with whatever information you need
I am just not comfortable putting up my number on this forum
The test that you told me are all what I have taken before
Yesterday I added some more to my chart
I keep on reading it helps me a little with diagnosis
But my personal advise there was a phase where i use to relate and connect everything i read to my symptoms which increased my anxiety as cauldnt get a diagnosis from my doc
But then there are some wonderful webiste which give you positive information
these are few webpages which helped me positive way

For the information on blood test i did see www.labtestonline.org
I have done the following test
Muscular enzymes test

let me know if you wanna speak or need any information
stay positive take care,
God is there we will be fine:)
I see it like that
I have done no wrong my karma is good,God will keep me fine
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hi, are you still having pain? i've been in pain for about 7 months now.
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