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erectile is not rigid

my erection is not regid ..it happend few days ago.. i feel headache and extreme stress inmy head after ejaculation .. and feel energy less and tired after ejaculation. i m 27. i wonder i cant peneterate with this erection into my wife im going to be married in a few months
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Hi, so just how many times a day are you masturbating and are you doing this to porn, over masturbating can give us men some real problems, so if this is you then its time to take a break, as you could have porn enduced ED, its an 8 week break you need to go on, and you will be on a no sexual contact sabbatical, its the only way for you to get better, no masturbating, no sexual contact with the furture wife, not even oral sex OK, now the hard part, you need to be strate with the future wife and tell her why you are doing this to her, but if you want a good sex life for both of you, this is your ticket out OK andway I just hope it will.
Good Luck
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i think this is the best answer and solution to my problem thanks Nohard
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