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16 year old: testicle atrophy & weak erection


I'm 16 years old and i've only masturbated for only about 5-6 years. I've stuggled with the habbit for about 1 year. Now i have testicle atrophy (when your testicles shrink in size and sac is looser becasue of it) and weak erection. When I ejaculate my semen appears to clearer then it used to be too. Now, I'm thinking about getting a testosterone test, finding testosterone supplements, and talking to my doctor. My doctor is white female and I'm very quite nervous to talk about it. I'm also gonna try not to mb for a couple weeks n see what happens.
Is there any way I can get my testicle size and erection strength back discreetly?  
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Hi you may trying to cut down masturbating , that will help you get stronger erections , as for your size of your testicles you are still in puberty and still growing , as for your Family Doctor , she has seen it all before , if you are going to her please say whats on your mind , she is there to listen and help you anyway she can , take care , Enjoy your Teens  
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Masturbating regularly (like once a day or three times a week, something like that) isn't going to harm you at all.  My boyfriend has always done it and has a very high sex drive to this day at 45.  

The only time I have seen clear semen was when a boyfriend of mine was using a hot tub.  It brought the temperature up too high and killed his sperm.  So I thought I'd mention in in case you have been using a hot tub or perhaps a sauna.  
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Oh, and I should mention that once he cut back on his hot tub time, things returned to normal.  
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Mmmmmmm....I do like hot showers but also, I don't think I had as much testosterone since i have man breasts
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they have been atrophied for about 6 months....i think
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