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21M Full stiffness not achieved

Im not on any meds or drugs and i workout 6 times a week doing cardiovascular excerise 3 times out of those.
im not stressed either. My recurring issue for the past 1.5 years has been not achieving a 100% erection. i get to 60% and it stops. Its really started to affect my mental health since im afraid to get intimate with people now. i've always been quick on the release in the past but not being able to get it up feels like a kick to my manhood. Any advice would be a godsend at the moment and highly appreciated.  
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Honestly, I think working out is one of THE best things you can do for mental health. It's like a drug itself. And the benefits to cardiovascular health also makes it like a treatment. Everyone if cleared by their doctor should engage in exercise. It improves just about EVERYTHING. So, commend you for doing that. It's not always easy. Have you talked to your doctor about erection issues? How long have you been doing the fitness routine?
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Well, there are downsides to working out too. Long exercises like jogging, cycling, playing tennis, etc. lead to lowering testosterone.
Some say heavy lifting raises your blood pressure.
My point is that could the lower attractiveness of a woman cause ED for that partner?
Most of men are looking for his symbol of sexual attractiveness when looking for their partners. Everyone's model of sexy women is different fortunately so we don't need to compete. So my point is you cannot achieve 100% should we change a partner?
This forum is really about the medical issue of erectile dysfunction. No matter how sexy a partner is when you meet them, long term relationships involve time and time changes. that. You are talking about something entirely different than erectile dysfunction. And obviously, yes, there is a psychological component to being aroused. If you have actual erectile dysfunction, changing partners is unlikely to do a thing. If you are not attracted to your partner and not compatible, then it will but it wasn't erectile dysfunction. She just didn't excite you.
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What kind of workout HIT workout helps while Low-Intensity Long Workout like long-running, and cycling does the opposite?
Blood pressure must be normal.
My BP jumps when is normal no synthetic drugs is needed, when is a moderate-high synthetic drug is needed and when is high a synthetic drug does not help.
Nothing else help like supplements or diet.

Now the question to all of you do you get a full erection when your partner is not attractive not in your type?
I mean too fat or too skinny too flat or too busty?
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What are you talking about HIT work outs for? Anyway, you are asking about having issues being erect due to not being attracted to your partner? If this is a person you are committed to, we have to work on it. First, check yourself. How attractive are you, for example? It's kind of unattractive to have expectations of appearance that are unrealistic. If you want your partner to lose weight, you don't criticize or badger people about it. Better strategy is to make it a couples thing to go for walks (start slow on working out) and approach it like this is a relaxing (yet eventually energizing) activity for us to do together. You tone yourself down if you are in better shape and do it with them. Get into bike riding together, hiking, doing a fitness class if that's your thing, walking, weight training, etc. And then you help with meal prep. Get a cookbook you both cook together from that has lighter, healthier fair. And just make it a couples life style. It may bring you closer. And in terms of sexual activity, get creative. Use your imagination, Imagery. focus on pleasuring them and enjoying their reactions rather than your own, it can be very stimulating. If you are dating and sexually you aren't compatible, you can consider leaving the relationship for someone you are more compatible with. That's what dating is for. good luck to you.
oh, maybe because of his discussion about cardiovascular things and working out is why you mentioned hit work outs. I wasn't following. got it now
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Thank you for posting.  I sent you an inbox message.
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