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25 with ED

Ok, first time I've been on a forum like this. I am 25 and I have not had satisfying intercourse since I was 19 when i was in a relationship. This is due to my failure to have a proper erections when it comes down to intercourse. The last time I was having interourse was 3 years ago. I was unable to get a satisafacory erection and the girl, who I actually new for a couple of months prior, laughed at me and I never really got over it. Since then I have always side stepped sex although I have always done well when I go out. In fact in the last few months I have scored girls pretty much every weekend. I have even addressed my sexuality however I am sure that is not an issue as I am always attracted to girls, never to guys. I went to my doctor and told him my problem and he told me he thought it was performance anxiety and so he prescribed me 15mg of viagra. Since then I have taken it when I hooked up with a girl in anticipation of sex( i was put on viagra around 2 months ago) and for whatever reason, to be fair not my own doing, I have not got to a situation to have sex (eg she had work early, no place to go, etc). I met a nice girl who does not live in the same country. We went out twice over here and got on very well.  Im going to visit her for a couple of days in about 3 weeks so sex (I HOPE) is inevitable. I am worried that I will be unable to perform even with the viagra (which definitely has had effect when ive taken it).

Health wise I am not overweight although I have drunk alcohol, smoked tobacco and weed quite regularly since I was 18. Whenever Ive gotten a check up im told im very fit, perfect blood pressure etc. No generic illnesses. My relatives have lived to an old age.

I'm not sure what my question is. This is becoming  a big problem, stopping me from having relationships. I am desperate for some advice on my situation. I anticipate someone will tell me to relax/ take the viagra to get confidence up/get into a relationship  etc.  Is this the case or anything else to ad. I would apprecite advice very soon! HELP!
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Are you using Internet porn? Have you been doing so for a while? We have seen an endless stream of men - some in their teens, most in their twenties, developing porn-induced ED.  Doctors are completely unaware. A big no to lifestyle as a cause at your age. Maybe when you are 50, but not 25.

Here’s a Psychology Today article on it
Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction Is A Growing Problem

GOOGLE VIDEO -  erectile dysfunction and porn - watch the video series.

Check out this medhelp thread with lots of guys who have porn-induced ED. Read the stories.
You can find my first few posts if you want to know more.

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First and foremost, I strongly recommend you stop smoking and taking recreational drugs. Get some exercise, too. A healthy lifestyle is the #1 ED treatment and, believe me, far more effective than any pill.

According to your post, you had a negative sexual experience in the past and the memory of that event is still preventing you from having intercourse today. This is good news actually: it seems that your condition is purely psychological (sexual performance anxiety) and psychogenic ED is easily treatable.

I suggest you do some research on this subject. Search the internet, talk to doctors, read books (I recommend the works of Tom F. Lue, a brilliant urologist). Knowledge is indeed power: the more you know about these problems, the less stressul they will be.

Then, go see a urologist. It's no shame to seek professional help. ED is an extremely common medical problem and even if this is purely psychological, a urologist will be able to help you and prescribe you the right treatment. PDE-5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) are very effective but they are not the only solution, there are other treatments available today.

My story is very similar to yours. I also suffered from coital anxiety for many years until I decided to go see a urologist. It changed my life, it really did. I'm currently taking a combination of Cialis + Vigamed (oral phentolamine) and my sex life is better than ever.
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Hey,thanks very much for your post. I have watched porn regularly for years! Kicked the habit when I read you your post around a week ago. I've also decided to get some viagra (which has been prescribed). Hopefully, I'll notice an improvement. Any further advise is always welcome!
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It usually takes a minimum of 8 weeks of no porn and no masturbation to fully recover. Sometiimes longer, sometimes shorter. So be patient if it takes a while. If you orgasm, or use drugs to force an erection it may slow the process down. This is not anything like age related ED. Nothing. This is your brain saying it can't do it anymore - as in weak erections.

Hopefully you have watched the video, and read the psychology today (follow the links at the this article to yourbrainonporn) article so you are mentally prepared, and truly understand the problem. Don't want you to be discouraged.
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