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25 year old suddenly can't obtain an erection

I am a 25 year old male, and have never had any trouble whatsoever with achieving an erection.  During the last 5 days I have been unable to achieve an erection at all, no matter what I try, or even naturally when sleeping.   I am not currently sexually active.   I don't know if there is any correllation but this week I also had a fever of about 103 and the flu.   I am wondering if this could be some sort of side effect?   Is this a commont problem for someone my age?  Is it temporary?  Is there anything I can do?   How long should I wait to see a doctor?  
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How often do you masturbate?
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Well if it is due to your sickness which it could be, then I'd wait until you are over that and feeling stronger. Testosterone levels in a 25 yo male you should not be having that problem barring any physical or emotional issues you may be going through.

I've had the flu a couple of times and had the same thing happen to me. Give it a week or so. Then go see the doc is it doesn't improve.
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