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26 and I'm guessing I have ED


I'm 26 and I seem to be having symptoms of ED as of about 5 months now. The length/thikness of my erections seem to be less and the "hardness" too seems to be slightly less. I consulted a general physician just incase who prescribed a full fasting blood count (including a testosterone check). Everything came out as normal. I am a very athletic person and is not overwieght.

Do i have to consult a doctor and if so which type of doctor should I consult.

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Hi P, A urologist is your man to see, or you can try these, Tribulus is a herb , it will boost your testosterone, lift your libido and kick up your energy levels, Cayenne will help clean your blood as will ginger, now add in some Green tea again for your blood, you could also try some L-Arginine as this helps with getting nitrates for erections, and you should be firing again.
And one last thing try some jelqing, this will help get some blood down and around your p***s, its an exersize, and for this google pegym and on there just look for the beginners page, you just do as they say in the program, you dont push or rush it, if you do you could damage yourself, it has rules just follow them.
I will send you an email with some info.
Good Luck
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u dun guess u hv ED..if u hv ED u wil kno it..ur **** will b like american economy graph...all facing downward
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im a 22 male, who suffered with ed since i was 20. i am not overweight, and had all blood checks which came back ok. i, like you, suffered with the The length/thikness of my erections, which were fine prior to me being 20.

i had honestly lost hope, and thought i would have to rely on viagra and cialis for sexual activity. however i spoke to a psychologist after 2 years of suffering with ed , and within  
3 months, i saw drastic improvements.

this was mainly due to psychological baggage i was carrying for many years. i just wanted to say that there is hope! i hope you find your cure soon!
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