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26 and testosterone levels are 460

I am 26 years old and have had problems with erections/low libido for some time now.  I recently found out that my total testosterone level is 460 ng/dl (standard range is 220 to 1000 ng/dl), testosterone free is 2.3 percent (standard range is 0.5 to 3.2 percent), and testosterone free is 107.2 pg/ml (standard range is 40 to 240 pg/ml).  Also, my FSH is 1.8 mU/mL (standard range is 1 to 10).  

My doctor seems to not think these results are a problem.  Do these results seem normal?

Thank you for your help.

Additional information:  My iron levels were abnormally high.
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I realize your comment was while ago but im going to answer you anyway, I recently got my testosterone levels checked, it came back around 460 ng/dl, my doctor told me that this was a good level and that all the symptom or low t are just in my head, and then he went on to tell me that when he was my age 20, he was in the 700s, but he dismissed this as him just being incredibly high, but I beg to differ, see the fact is I had a testicle injury a while back and I know before I wrecked my nuts, I was definitely higher, probably into the 700s, I had a higher sex drive, I could look at a girls *** and get a erection, now I never get erections, and don't really think about sex as much, I have a worse memory and poor concentration. Look doctors are going to tell u what they think, and they are wrong half the time, because they operate off of the that range 220 to 1000 ng/dl, so what im saying is me and you are at the low ****** part of the normal range, but doctors don't care as long as were in that range, me and you are not really average for our age, we are really about average for a 45 year old, but for a 20 year old no, a 20 year old should be at least in the 700s, if not 800s, there is a reason why most doctors prescribe there patients doses of 700ng/dl or 800 of testosterone, its because that is what is considered by many to be optimal for most men, so what I dont understand why do doctors think its okay for us 20 year olds to be in the 400s, but then they turn around and prescribe someone just a little lower than us 800ng/dl of testosterone, its because 800 or 700 is generally average, not 400 not 500 not 200 not anything lower than 700.
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even i had an injury and since then I've been feeling these symptoms.
The pain went away in 5 minutes.
can it still cause low testosterone?
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Understand that testosterone doesn't cause erections, never impulses cause erections. A minimal amount of T is necessary for penile health. You fall into that category.

It would be good to ask about the high iron levels, if not for erectile health, for general health. You can google Hemochromatosis. It's an iron overload condtion. However, literature states that symptoms show up in middle age, so even if you had it, the condition may have nothing to do with ED.

This may not apply - but have you been using porn consistently for a while. If so that is often the cause in your age group. If you have not been using porn, then continue to pester the doctor or find a new one.

If suspect porn - go to this medhelp thread, read it.  Read the stories.
You can find my first few posts if you want to know more.
Check out this thread with lots of guys who have porn-induced ED.

also, GOOGLE VIDEO -  erectile dysfunction and porn - watch the video series.

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