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36 Low testosterone

I have had ED my whole life that I attributed to performance anxiety. I recently had a blood test.

Testosterone Total  320 ng/dl  ref. range 250-1100
free testosterone percent 1.41 ref. range 1.50-2.20%
free testosterone 45.1  ref. range 35.0-155.0 pg/ml
Estrogen,Total,serum 163 pg/ml ref. range 130 or less
Vitamin D 23 ref. range 30-100

My urologist then ordered a prolactin test which was in range at 6.0
2 years ago my total testosterone was 360 ng/dl

I am tired of having to wait 4 weeks to find out I need another blood test and very eager to find out what is wrong with myself. I am otherwise in good health . 6'3 185lbs. In good shape. I do drink about 6 beers a day. I would at least like to have some hope for a cure and to know what is wrong so I can explain it to my new girlfriend.
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Dude it's not performance anxiety.  your testosterone numbers are really low even though they're normal. no wonder you can't perform. I take it you're a young guy, so your testosterone needs to be at least 600. Wrong estrogen test. Nonetheless, it's too high. You need to test estradiol (preferably the sensitive assay one) (too low or too high will give you erectile dysfunction), dht, and shbg. Also test thyroid (t3, t4, ft3, ft4, tsh, reverse t3) and adrenals (cortisol 24 hour saliva, pregnenolone, dhea or dhea-s), sugar and fasting sugar. vitamin d too low. Your problem is hormonal. after bloodwork, post your results in one of erectile dysfunction forums. many guys will help you. remeber if your numbers are within normal range, it doesn't mean you have no imbalances.  Like you, I had hormonal problems. when your hormones are dialed in, you're good to go.
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Thank you for your response.I am not happy with my urologist (big surprise) . I am thinking of seeing an endocrinologist. I am glad to hear that you have had success.
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take a look at this:

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Thanks for the link. I f I can get my doctor to do these other tests are there different cures? All I have heard about is Aromatase inhibitors, Testosterone therapy and the cure for high prolactin, which I dont have. I am eager to start some course of action , and I think my doctor will prescribe me something at my next appointment, but I want to make sure that it is right. I am guessing he will prescribe aromatase inhibitors. Do you think these will work? Will I really be normal performance wise? I realize now that he should have tested for estridol, but does my estrogen number really the same as a woman's level?
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