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Age 24 , suddenly I won't be able to get my **** hard.

I used to masturbate 4 time a day for around 6-7 days and then suddenly the next day ie.on the 8th day i wont be able to get my **** hard, now it has been 3 days and still same is the situation. The colour of my penis have changed to light red and dry which earlier was used to be litter darker red shade.

There is no irritation, even if i watch porn i can't get it up.

I am 24 yrs men , had not faced any problems before and don't have diabetes.
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How do you feel now
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Still no erection , don't know why.
What about you ?
I am getting erections but not hard enough
PM me your number bro
How to PM on this thing ?
Check ur dm
How's it going guys?  Any better?
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Also honestly not being able to get a erection my girlfriend is beginning to think maybe I'm gay. Does anyone know how that feels? Sometimes I think to myself am I?
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This is one of the biggest issues for guys suffering from ED - if they can’t ‘get it up’, they start questioning their manhood & even worry they might be gay! I highly doubt you’re gay - I think you’d know. And that would mean feeling more attracted to men than women.

There are SO many things that enter into male sexual function, it’s almost a miracle it happens at all. First, your hormone levels  (mostly Testosterone, but others as well) have to be in the correct range. The nerves signaling from the penis to the brain & vice versa have to be working properly, which will cause release of Nitric Oxide, which then causes increased blood flow to spongy tissues in the penis (Corpora Cavernosa) that fill w/ blood, causing enlargement, and then the veno-occlusive mechanism that closes OFF blood flow OUT of the penis also has to work properly or an erection won’t occur, or will be very weak or not sustainable. Then if a guy is stressed for any reason, that interferes w/ the relaxation of arteries that supply blood to the penis. If any ONE of these systems is not working 100%, problems can occur.

In most young guys, it’s usually NOT a physical prblm, more likely psychological, altho some younger guys DO have physical issues that can disrupt things. One sign to look for is night-time or morning (‘nocturnal’) erections - if you’re usually waking up w/ an erection, that’s a sign the plumbing is working OK & you can usually rule out a physical cause.

Might be best to see a Urologist - they can check you out & run tests to determine the source of the prblm...
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Well friend I've been a chronic masterbater for basically most my life.  Im almost 34 my first masturbation was when around 7 or 8 accidentally discovering porn. My answer is  too much masturbation.
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Could be you just de-sensitized yourself by overdoing it. There’s no right or wrong amount of masturbation, but everyone’s different, so that amount may have been a little too much for you. The fact that your penis skin changed appearance & is dry sounds like irritation, which again points to overdoing the masturbation. I think if you dial it back a bit for awhile, you may regain feeling & ability to achieve erections.
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Had the same issue don't know what happend may be it's due to overmastrubation do you have morning wood?
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Can't get hard anytime of day since past 3days . No morning wood nothing .
Did ur condition get cured ? & How?
No,really worried I had got my erection back for 2 days now it's gone again may be it's too much porn and overmastrubation I am planning to see my Dr soon and ask him
Try kegel exercises!
Let's hope for the best
What doctor should i consult ? Due to lockdown caz of corona virus i wont be able to  go to any doctor till 4th May , hwo to explain everything to parents ?
I don't think I am in a position for advice I am a miserable as you brother! Take a break from all activities like mastrubation and porn for Month or till may 4 . Just go to Dr alone you can explain to your parents afterwords,  a urologists specialises in the areas
Thanks man & do update what result come .
Eat healthy
Do some home exercises
Do kegel s
Try not mastrubating for a few days
Your erection will come back
If you have anxiety of whether it will become erect then it will more harder !
Kill the anxiety
Mastrubation is healthy but like every  thing if you overdo it will have effects

Don't worry because there are medical options too

My problem is exactly like yours
Expect I have a 1 year old diabetes

My lock down cycle was  food -netfix -porn-masrrubation  and I think its the root

Am 25  
Thanks man u have been a great help.
Hey bro i consulted doctor online( practo site)  , and he recommended popson tablets for a week
Great do share how you feel
Sure man , he said they are multi vitamin for **** purpose , won't have side effects. U can try too if u want to.
Any progress?

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